Sunday, October 16, 2005

Super Sunday

I love the weather today! It is just GREAT. Very cooling and windy! I feel like as if I am in Genting Highland when the breeze came pass me.

They were doing some HIV+ promotion awareness campaign
After tuition (today is the last lesson) went to KLCC for a walk since the weather is wonderful. There was not many people in the park. Maybe the weather was too nice for them to sleep at home. Maybe it is puasa season. Or maybe I didn't see where they were hiding.
The world's tallest man made jagung

Taken from the park over looking at the KL Convention Center

Entrance to Suria KLCC shopping mall
Later went to Kinokuniya bookstore. Looked at some books, flipped through some magazines then wondered around the 2 level store. The books there were nice but expensive.
Something interesting caught my attention at the stationery section. They were selling the Year 2006 Japanese Calender. People actually have to place their order first before they can receive them. And...there are many cover pictures to choose from. Now you know why I said interesting =p I didn't stay there for long as I had to rush home for my lunch. Left KLCC by LRT around 1pm.


Nicholas Kau said...

whoa... i wanna take that whole lot of those pics in stick it on my wall in my room.

s0hp0h said...

haha.. jap calender.. is it the month all dat oso in jap?? if dat is the case.. for me.. got calender n no calander is the same.. hahaa...