Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Days without School

TODAY (12/10/05):

Secreteries wanted
I was called by dad to follow him to his office. I brought some of my revision and tuition notes there because I knew that I'll be bored to death without doing anything there. I am glad that I'll be able to return to school again tomorrow after some days of break (due to PMR and MUET exams). I did not study much during the past few days although STPM is coming in less than ONE year. (to be more precise is less than ONE month). These are what I have done during the past 3 days:

SUNDAY (9/10/05):
Renovation in progress
Started my day by cleaning and tidying up my VERY-MESSY room. I threw away some old junks, found some old books to be sold, captured some cockroaches with thier eggs, cleaned up the dust that has been staying on the cupboard months ago. I also removed two tables which I found very zo deng. After many hours of cleaning, wiping, arranging and lepaking, it was time for dinner...and I haven't finish tidying up the room. Oh I forgot to mention that I accidently felt asleep in the room.

Plu Cafe
At night my fufet friends called for yamcha. We went to a dark cafe which I had problem communicating with my friends in there as I only could hear their voices. The cafe only has oil lamps.

"Hello, can you see my face?"

Maybe oil lamps are cheaper than light bulbs
We stayed there until around 12.30am before we decided to get back home.

MONDAY (10/10/05):
Took a quick breakfast and continue to tidy up my room. After all the vacuuming and mopping, I was glad that my room had become tidy and neat once again. (I'm sure this is not going to last long)

Room to let
After that it was my favourite past time, ONLINE! All this while I had been looking at reading at some of my friends' and other people's blogs. Some blogs did attract me with funny pictures and interesting stories. My net friend, Lee Peng suggested to me that I also should start one since I have interesting moment happening in my life and I always take pictures wherever I go.
I thought it would be wonderful to share moments that is going to happen later in my life. So this is how was born. After creating a new blog I spent that whole day and night exploring, configurating and testing on it.
You see, I was not born that smart.

TUESDAY (11/10/15):
My friends and I went to our friend's mum funeral in the morning. We were late. (More stories here)
Later went for maths tuition in the noon. Kah Lok snapped some pictures and video of Tutor Ong, our tuiton teacher. He was shy and he insisted that we change his face to the Taiwanese singer/artist Jerry Yan if we post his picture. Didn't know that he was so perasan.
Tutor Ong (Left) and Jerry Yan
Returned home at 5.30pm and took a short nap. Then had dinner before continue exploring the wonders of bloging again.
Did I mention about studying/doing revision these two days? =p


s0hp0h said...

is it just me or wut? the candle looks like those... u use in praying.. the floating thingy on top of oil.. mayb u went in to wrong shop.. *scratches head* MUST BE!!

Nicholas Kau said...

Aiyo... go yumcha also never invite me geh... Me so lonely at home. And what's up with that pic in the office ??? Manager or Secretary har ?