Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fire Alert

As I was on the way rushing to the toilet in school today, the school bell rang for a short while...

It rang again..

Then again..

And again.

During yesteday's assembly we were notified that there will be a fire drill at anytime of these days. I knew that was the moment. Students were rushing out of the classes and labs. They seemed to be very excited.
Yeah~ No lesson!
While we were all staying at the assembly ground and teachers taking attendance. I saw one boy carrying his bag along. I wondered why didn't he just run out of the school as quickly as pssible and take a bus home to keep his bag in his air-sealed locker before hiding it under the bed.

"This is NOT a rocket!"
A team of officers and fire brigades from the Hang Tuah Fire Department came. An officer named En Mohd. gave his speech and was glad that the school is finally 'burned' down we performed the drill perfectly. However he said that it would be best if we all gather at the assembly area in 3 minutes time. We took around 7 minutes unfortunlately. Then a speech and introduction of how to use the fire extinguisher was given by another officer. The weather was hot (although it just rained in the morning) and students were waiting impatiently for the fire fighting demonstration which was coming up next.
First members of the fire brigade started a fire in a steel container. Then one member demonstrated on how to extinguish the fire with his qi gong the fire extinguisher. Mr Gopal, Cik Saratha and Mr Wong (pur principal) were later asked to try it themself.
Mr Gopal: "Let me do it."

Cik Saratha: "You think female can't shoot this thing?"

Mr Wong: "Easy job"
Next was the students' turn.
"Here I come to save the day"
"Give me a cheer!"
"Go die, fire"
There were a few moments when the wind was blowing in our direction, the smoke and the discharge (from the fire exthinguisher) were coming towards us.

I was happy that the session was finally over. I was able to continue what I wanted to do just now.

Moral of the story:
Never choose to go toilet when you know fire drill is around.

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