Friday, October 14, 2005

From Sunlight to Shade

TODAY I was late for school (as usual) and was booked by the prefect (not as usual). Lucky I got to enter the class before the teacher did. Just like another normal day, teacher spending the time teaching in front while I was sitting behind doing my revision..and talked to friends when I feel bored. Chemistry class was boring. Physics teacher did nothing. IT (Information Technology) and PA (General Paper) teachers did not enter the class so the monkeys in my class started to party while some pigs were already in their happy fantasyland.
Do not disturb. Pigs sleeping
All school labs' old notice board has been replaced with this new when-take-passport-photo-that-blue-colour-background board. Interesting!

Passport photo available here. 4 shots for RM10

Do not be suprised. These are what the monkeys usually do in the class:

"See if you dare to molest us again"

This is called the Hand Squeezing game

"Gooood boy"

Where's the chair?

After recess the prefects made all the Upper 6 classes stayed on the assembly ground.

The prefects

They wanted ALL the students to line up before going back to their respective classes. However many of the Science 1 students were in the lab so the prefects switched the position of Science 1 with Science 3 (my class) as a punishment.

Last year of school assembly

From top: Science 1, Science 2, Science 3

As you know the Upper 6 students' standing ground are on the terrace from Science 1 to 3 as moving down the steps. Science 1 will get the shade, Science 2 partially shaded and Science 3 fully exposed to the super mighty powerful ultra violet ray of the sun.

Obviously some Science 1 students were not happy about the switching idea

Later the prefects performed spot checks on us.

"Faster give it to me!"

"I say I don't have it la"

The whole thing took us around 20 minutes before we can get back to our class.
THANKS alot prefects!


s0hp0h said...

ur thx sounds very.. "min keung" shudn't u be happy if they put u in the shade? lolz..

s0hp0h said...

wah... ah loo.. MOLESTER?? hahahhaa.. too much la.. lolz... i tot he oni molest KIDS.. din NOe that he oso interested in.. U ALL.. *wahhhhh*

hahahha jkla..if not.. ah loo.. will KILL me..

Nicholas Kau said...

yea... love to be in the shade finally...

kct said...

haha...damn funny...Sc1 getting OWNED...