Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Special Day

TODAY is a special day, not because my friends came over to my house and chit-chat for awhile before going for yamcha. It is because today is our friend's mum funeral day. So my friends (Nicholas, Khong Jin, Perry) and I decided to pay her a visit. The last funeral I attended was my grandfather's, which is about 4 years ago. Anyway, I was told by a friend that the funeral will start at 12pm so we planned to leave my house at 10pm. (btw my friend is just staying nearby my house)

Guess what, the funeral started at 10pm and apparently we were late. Can you imagine people late for a funeral? It's ok if it is a birthday party or a wedding dinner (although we shouldn't be late for that too). I felt somehow felt ashamed (and scared) when reaching her place. However what makes me relieved was that the coffin was not there because I don't really want to take a peep inside. I guess I watched too many vampire movies.
While waiting for our friend and her relatives/friends to return from the crematorium. We chatted with her dad. At first we didn't know that the guy was her dad (thought one of her uncles) until Khong Jin asked him,

'So how is the (deceased) husband?'
'Oh, ME la.' the guy replied.

We kept quiet. -_-'

Throughout our conversation he told us many things. He talked about life and the importance of education. He stressed that the most important is that we give our very best in whatever we do. Also, he reminded us to care for his daughter (my friend) and to keep in touch with her.

Uncle, don't worry. Your daughter will be fine with friends like us.

As soon as our friend and the rest return from the crematorium (about after an hour) a short ceremony was held by this bomoh. I seriously had no idea what was he doing. So we just sat and watched. Then our friend came to talk to us. I can see that she was still strong despite what had happened and I am glad that she was able to smile =) After all, life goes on.

Lastly, my deepest condolence to you (friend) and your family.

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