Friday, November 25, 2005

It's Almost Over

LAST two weeks a war broke out in MBSSKL and I believed in some other schools as well. It was started by a big explosion in the school hall. Followed by another in the T-Mori Block after a few days. As a battalion squad major I had no choice but to lead my team to fight in the you-die-i-live battle. So far no lives has been killed but I have seen some warriors went missing the some of the battle. What a waste...

I was glad that my AK-47 Rifle helped me in some of the shootout. To get a more accurate aim sometimes I have to use the sniper. It was really sharp and percise but it took a long time to reload. As an experience shooter I am, I was not hit by a single shot of bullet. This is not lucky, this is what you called experience =p

There were some battle which not guns are allowed. Instead we had to use colour pencils, ballpoint pen and ruler. There was a gadget which must be carried by all the soldiers all the time - calculator. For some reasons we had to calculate the angles and the distances by using that particular gadget. It helped to minimize the percentage of error and thus to achieve victory in short time.

Not to forget, there was guidance and care from lieutenants and officers throughout the war. They gave us instructions and warnings on what should be done and not. Everywhere, there are rules. Every day before a battle started, we have to occupy ourself with lots and lots of knowledges (and also formulaes). It was a tough and challenging war. No chances and mercy were given. After 15 years of studying, from kindergarden to primary and secondary school, this is the moment we are waiting for.

Last Tuesday (22nd) was a happy and relieved day for some of my teammates from other squads as they had finished their service for the battle. Celebrations can be seen everywhere and cheers can be heard anywhere. As for my squad, we still have one final battle on this coming monday. And I already can hear the footsteps of freedom coming. Muahahahaa~

Keep it up Jit Ming! Keep it up Science 3!

Go Forward Warriors! Go Forward MBS!


s0hp0h said...

lolz.. aisyeh.. AK-47 tim ah..

chianur said...

yalohhhhh.. sai mm sai arrr