Monday, June 11, 2007


IT is the sixth month of the year and so is the birthday season. Most of my friends are celebrating their birthdays at this month. Every year when it comes to this time, money has to be spent on presents. And this year all of us are going to be 21. Therefore, this is the time where we will become pokai. Hehe.

So this year birthday season started of with Sendhil's birthday.

Sendhil (31st May)

Sendhil was my assistant for my commitee when we were junior prefects back in Form 2. Just like every year, Sendhil celebrates his birthday at home. From Pudu to Tasik Pemaisuri and then Pandan Perdana. His mum will prepare all the food eg, curry, mee hoon, vegetables etc. including the birthday cake!

The birthday boy
The crowd

The mum

The dad

The guys

The girls

The MBSian
...still never change
Sharon Lim (1st June)
On the next day, it was Sharon's birthday. A nice and sweet girl which I got to know her when she came to MBS to study Form 6. This is the first time she invites all of us to her house in Segambut. We met up in school before going there.
Doing nuts in school

Sharon and family

The guests

Having some fun with the kid (left)
The pilot, the enginneer and the architect?

Fans of the birthday girl

Jason Yong (2nd June)
On the following day, it was Jason Yong's birthday. About two months before his party, one of his close friend planned a suprise party for him. The party started at 7pm and at that time we were still choosing a present for him at the shopping mall. I guess this is what we meant be MBS spirit! 'Better late then never'
L-R: Gilbert, Wai Han, Yee Mei, Randy, Jason, Chuah, Siew Ki, Chin, Perry, Nicholas and me
Perry Rodrigues (9th June)

After a week since Jason's birthday, it was Perry's. At first we planned to have a countdown celebration for him a day before at the mamak restaurant but he couldn't make it on the day. So during his birthday night, we had dinner at Kaki's Corner.
The birthday boy
The dinner
Perry: "Yea, the birthday boy is here!"
Jitty with Chin and Sendhil. No, and that's not the moon above our head!
"Cake~ finally!"
After the dinner, we went to Connaught to have some fun: playing pool and fusball. I didn't play that for such a long time and I am not good at that either. But who cares, just hit the balls and enter the holes. At there, we met with another group of friends. And we had a great time meeting each other and enjoy the game! =)
Randy, the sifu

Wai Han, she's not that bad either!
And me. Look at where the cue ball is.
Playing fusball
Mei Mei, Siew Ki and Pik Pik having time to gossip
Khong Jin (11th June)
Today is Khong Jin's birthday but sadly he is not in KL for us to celebrate with. So we decided to send him a birthday card, a BIG one, to his flying academy in Kota Bharu. Last Friday, we had a meeting cum yamcha session to get the card signed.
From all of us

Nilesh was willingly to mail the card for us on the next day, Saturday. Unfortunately the post office didn't open and therefore he gotta wait until Monday. By the time the card reaches to Khong Jin it will be belated already.
It is okay. Better late than never! That's the MBS spirit. =p
Coming up next, Randy, Pik Shen, Yee Mei and Jian Fai's birthday...


Carine said...

When did u took my pic while i'm playing pool!!?
Should let me know be4 u took so that i have time to posing be4 u take my pic..! Haha!~

s0hp0h said...

rofl.. so many birthdays... crazy..

Hoorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, got evidence that wai han go 'pou' d!!!!

and since when pik shen cut her hair?? ur blog is heaps informative indeed!!!

Jimmy said...

carine: haha. no need to pose oso got the style ady.

sohpoh: belif me..she is indeed very good!

i oso duno when she cut it. she said tat her business gone bankrupt. tats y...

yee mei said...

jit ming is working like a spy now... staking pictures when ppl are not noticing.. nowdays alwasy take pictures of girls gossiping..haha
nice review btw.

nick said...

Be careful girls!

jit Ming is indeed armed(with a camera) and dangerous!