Saturday, June 16, 2007

MBS Carnival

THIS morning woke up earlier than I usually does because made an appoinment to meet with Jian Fai at the LRT station at 9.30am. We were heading to our former secondary school to meet with some other friends there. Today a carnival organised by the Interact Club is being held at the school so we decided to go there to have a look.
My alma mater

We met up with Choon Teng, Saha, Wai Luen, Hoe Leong and Taw Jin. We also met some old friends, teachers and the canteen staff.

MBS has really changed alot since the day we left. During our final year (Form 6) in the school, one of the block (our Form 4 classrooms block) has been demolished to give way to a new 4 storey block. Today the block is already completed and another block (Form 5 classrooms block) is already knocked down for another 4 storey block. When completed in next year, MBS will become a one session school.
Washroom = Aroma room
Sok Fong, Lup, Hoe Leong, TJ, me, Chin and Saha
We stayed in school until around 2pm then went to Times Square to buy some birthday presents. After going around some shops, up and down the floors. We bought something for Randy, Chia Sheng and Pik Shen. Haha. I couldn't review what we bought here.
Sis was having hip-hop dance performance in Times Square
Our fries
At night, attended Randy's 21st birthday at his uncle's house.
That's his father playing a birthday song for him
Randy's cake
Birthday boy with family and girlfriend
Gift from mum
Ang pow from dad
Hugs from sisters
...and also a peck of kiss from girlfriend. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of that. =p
After that, we went to Pik Shen and Kah Lok's birthday party as they were having it on the same night too.

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