Thursday, June 28, 2007

Siam ah!

LEFT for Bangkok, the capital of Thailand on last Friday afternoon. Recently, the Malaysia Airport has implemented a rule on restricting passengers to carry liquid, aerosol and gels into the air cabin for all the international flights. Those include drinks, hair gel, shampoo, perfume, deodorant, hair spray, toothpaste etc.
However, you could only carry them if they are in containers not more than than 100ml. And all containers must be fit into a transparent plastic bag. What a troublesome rule!
The mineral water bought from the departure hall is tightly sealed

As you know, AirAsia is having this policy where no outside food and drinks are allowed on board. You have to purchase them from the cabin crew if you wanna have something to chew during the flight. The selling price is not very cheap either. Better make sure your stomach is filled before taking an AirAsia flight.

The food and drinks menu on the flight do make me feel hungry somtimes.

The chicken rendang was very tempting

Got model to pose somemore

Yes, now everyone can fly. But not everyone is able to eat or drink on board .

After almost 2 hours flight, we could see the land of Thai and we arrived at the newly opened Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport). It was just opened at the end of 2006.
View from the plane

Arriving the airport
Waiting for luggage
The moment I exit from the arrival gate, there was a crowd of tour agency and the hotel staff, holding their respective banner to greet the customers they are waiting. People calling names and waving. For a sudden moment I felt like I was a superstar when I stepped out the gate.
We looked for our tour guide at the gate on the other end of the airport. Our guide, Mr Kareen explained the itenary of our tour before sending us back to the hotel in Bangkok city in a tour van parked outside the airport.

Locating our hotel
The journey from the airport to the city by road took about 45 minutes. A train service connecting the airport to the city (similar to our KLIA express) will be ready soon. It was still under construction.
Approaching Bangkok city
We reached our accomodation at Bangkok Palace Hotel. Most of the hotels I've seen over there do not have main entrance at the front but the side or the back of the hotel. Maybe it is how the hotels are in Thailand.
The van dropping us at the back entrance

The hotel lobby

The room we (me, dad and his friend) stayed

Our hotel, Bangkok Palace

The hotel beside is even nicer though
After checking-in and settled our stuff, we stepped out the hotel and began our walk in the streets of Bangkok.
Shoppings, food, people and visiting spots in Bangkok next... =)

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