Thursday, September 27, 2007

21 already

YESTERDAY was my 21st birthday. I celebrated with 20 of my coursemates by going out together for a dinner. Coincidencely there is also one coursemate, Tiong who was born the same day as mine. So the two of us celebrated our day together.

We went to this Bak Kut Teh restaurant in Taman U nearby. The boss gave us some discount as we, the birthday boys were paying for the dinner.

Some of the dish that we ordered....
Curry fish head and a vege

Tau Jin fu =p
Bak Kut Teh
Some pics of the night:
Table 1 (Choon Wah later performed a magic trick with tissue)
Table 2 (the guys here are BIG eater I tell you)
part of Table 3
Receiving present from representative. And yea..I dyed my hair.
The other birthday boy, Tiong

We didn't have any birthday cake to celebrate with but this time we use Dunkin Donuts instead. Thanks to the SHE gang. Hehe.
Our birthday 'cake'
The SHE are too excited over the doughnuts
The Oct 23rd boys

Finally big boy liao

Can do what we like already

A week ago, before coming back to UTM, I had an advanced birthday celebration with my fellow MBS buddies. It's a celebration not to be missed with them.
We had dinner at the newly opened Pavilion's Tony Roma's. I tried it once before in Singapore and found it very nice so feel like having it again. And since the rest haven't tried before.
Well, some of us enjoyed to food and some find it just ok. Perry said the rice is like nasi byrani from Steven's Corner's. Apart from the food that is served there, we also had red wine which I brought from home.

Chia Sheng
The price of the food there is slightly higher but they serve in quite a big portion. It has a nice ambience and the service is good. We even met one of our ex-schoolmate, Dora, who was working as a waitress there.
Me and the cake, with Chia Sheng looking on

Group photo
More pics and post on Taw Jin, Chin and Yee Mei's (must see Heroes pic) blog.


I actually saved this post for quite some time already and didn't publish it. About a month ago, my studio lecturer invited our workbase to her house for buka puasa. But before that we had crit session for our studio project.
So many books. Can become a mini library already

After criting our project, one by one the girls went to prepare the food. And I just gave them moral support by snapping some pics. Hehe.

After hearing the sembahyang music from the outside surau, we started our meal. They prepared many kinds of food. Pizza, spagetti, fried chicken, fries, some malay kuih etc. Wah like going for buffet like that. So many choices!
Workbase group photo

Some time ago I was reading this magazine in my Singapore's aunt house.

Something caught my attention

And so I turned to the page to check it out.

It's an article about Star Cruises holiday. And when I took a closer look at one of the pics.

Guess who I saw?
JASON!! How come you are there??

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yee mei said...

yala! how come he's there?! and issit really him or someone who happens to look like
anyway, hope u had a great 21st birthday celebration!