Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Suprise in Vivo

LAST Friday during the merdeka holiday, I went to Singapore with Choon Wah and met up with two more friends at Vivo City. There was a huge crowd of people gathered at the concourse and also along the red carpet all the way from the main entrance.

I thought there must be some event going on that day and to my suprise it really was!!!

It was the HEROES World Tour and later found out that Singapore was their final stop in Asia. I watched that series and quite like it actually. Suddenly feeling so excited and I wanted to stay there so much to meet the cast from the series. Wondering who would be coming...hmm...

The cheerleader's looking

The MC of the day was Joey G and Marion Caunter

So we stayed beside the red carpet at one place along with the others hoping to get a close view of the 'heroes'. VIPs usually like to be late for an event therefore it is normal for us to wait, and wait, and wait.

After waiting for about 30 mins, I could heard screamings coming from the front and immediately knew that those people had finally arrived. People were getting ready with their cameras and the I could only see heads from the top.

The VIPs were slowly moving forward, surrounded by guards and fans. And...JENG! JENG! JENG! The first person I saw was...

(whose real name is Masi Oka)

But I still prefer to call him Hiro, just like in the drama.

extract from video
I was just less than 1 meter in front of him!! And I tried to put my hand over hope to have a handshake with him but he just kept moving forward, with the other cast behind him.

That's my hand below =p
Behind him is Ali Larter. The hot chick who plays Nikki/Jessica in Heroes. Oh, she was so stunning and pretty like how she is in drama! Just like a barbie doll in close look.
Parkman and Nikki
And then we got the Parkman aka the policeman and Suresh the professor. Only four of them turned up and I heard that the rest of the casts were doing promo in Europe.
Some other pics:

Can't wait for its season 2.

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yee mei said...

wao!!! finally heroes post! sorry was having exams!
wah. dman lucky la u.. so near...i bet the nearest encounter of me and them were between my tv screen and me.