Friday, August 24, 2007

Genting Getaway

MONTHS ago Nicholas and I planned to have a Genting trip during our holiday and finally we got our chance when we had our same semester break last week. I called along my coursemates Jenny and Choon Wah (who is also our ex-classmate) as well.

Some photos. Might took some time to load. Hehe.

The cable car journey

A scale model in the Visitor Galleria
View from the mamak restaurant

We stayed in Genting cheapest hotel, the First World

The largest hotel in the world
Deluxe room in Tower 2 for only RM98.88/night

But a little to small for 4 person
Some shooting going on in the room

The theme park is the main attraction for people like us
Nicholas, me, Jenny and Choon Wah
A new ride in outdoor theme park

The first ride we took
The Flying coaster
Not too bad. We just have to lay on our front and enjoy the thrill. Quite fun
Another new attraction
Doesn't look scary from below but it's a totally different thing up there
The 'haunted' house

Nothing to see inside. Only can hear 'ho ho ho~' laughing sounds
Rodeo and Solero
The Super Toboggan ride Going up
The spinner

Choon Wah and Nicholas on the ride
The monorail ride, which wasted our time

But had some nice shots from the monorail :
The Pirate Ship

Corkscrew and go-kart
Flying Dragon


Driving Go-Kart
The helmet stinks On the track

Before taking the Solero Space Shot
We thought it was terrifying so we kept it for the last

But it was not quite scary as we thought. It was awesome!
Sunset One last ride on the spinner
Night view

The next morning
We played indoor

4D motion master. Watched a boring show of Alice in Wonderland.
The disco bumper car
Syok himself Archery
Snow world, sweet memories of Inah =)
Rock climbing Nicholas
Going back by the cable car
That's all. Hope you enjoy the pics. More pics at Nicholas' blog =)

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yee mei said...

wao! u tried almost evrything available up there huh! so niceeee.... hehee.. i wish i have the guts..