Friday, August 24, 2007

Enter Casino for the First Time

I just came back from Genting Highlands yesterday. Feeling great! Never had so much fun. =) And on top of that, I went to the casino. Didn't bet of course. Just to have a look. Nicholas wanted to try some luck but didn't because..erm, no accompany.

Legally I am still not able to enter casino as I still haven't reach 21...until this coming October. The first time Nicholas and I entered the First World Starclub, the guard didn't check on us so we were able to go in.

Unfortunately the second time when we tried to enter the Monte Carlo Casino on another place, the guard stopped us and checked our IC. And so we couldn't able to enter =(

A couple who saw us being kicked told us to use the main entrance instead. We went there and from the outside we saw the guard inside checking the IC as well so I think we had no chance already.

Ahhh....nevermind lah. That's not all about Genting. There were still many things for us to do up there. And it's school holiday. Many chicks up there. Hehe.

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yee mei said...

i juz came back from genting too.. on tuesday!
anyway.. juz to let u know. u can try booking rooms online next time. Parent's c.card shud be fine.