Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Been A While

Yup! It has been a LONG while since I last posted something here. I did post something via Twitter (if you look at the right side bar) because it is much easier for me.
The main reason I seldom blog is because of the lousy connection here in my hostel. Everytime also use this excuse huh. But true what!! Quite pissed off sometimes because paid for RM110 per semester for a broadband connection that always get disconnected for most of the times.
However I can't blame mainly at the connection because I was kinda lazy to blog sometimes. Hehe. Whenever the connection is good, either I'll go and surf others' blog or LAN counter strike with fellow coursemates.
So why the sudden blog? Haha. I also dunno. Cause just feel like blogging lor. (and miss posting pics here =p)
It's been 3 weeks since my new sem started. Wow! Just some blinks of eye and I am in my 2nd year now already. My ex-roomate calls it 'sek kan yeh'(eating in Cantonese).
I am no longer staying with my previous year roomate. Right now my roomate is Choon Wah, who is also my coursemate, who was also my classmate back in Form 6 in MBS.
I just got back from Malacca just now. Earlier on Friday after my studio class, I went to Singapore by bus to my aunt's house in Toa Payoh. Before going there, I stopped by at Dhoby Ghaut station and looked for my way to Niven Road (somewhere near Selegie Road, Indian street there) to search for a building.
Previously saw an article in D&A magazine about a shoplot which converted into house caught my attention so I thought it would be interesting if I take a look at the place myself. Plus, I can use it as my reference for my 2nd studio project, which is to design an architect's office from old shoplots in Senai.
Niven Road
Their backalley is sooo clean
The experience of actually seeing the real thing itself from the books or TV was exciting and quite suprising. It's like you never knew in someday you could actually see the real thing right in front of you.

OK back to Singapore... When I arrived at my aunt's place it was already 8 like that. Took a hot shower and dinner. Watched some TV shows and went to sleep quite early that night, about 11 something. (Consider quite early fo me already. For the past few days I sleept at about 3 or in the morning.
The next morning (Sat), we followed my cousin's car back to my hometown in Sg Rambai, Malacca. Left Singapore at 7.30am and reached Malacca at about 10.30am, using the seond link.
Getting ready
On that night, a grand total 14 of us cousins went to catch 'Rush Hour 3' at Mahkota Parade. The cinema hall was a full house and the movie was enjoyable+funny! Chris Tucker in his typical funny character and Jackie Chan with his own stunt. Recommended to anyone who wants a good laugh.
Went to the arcade before the started
Some models doing catwalk pratice at night

How the escalator is locked there
It was past midnight with the movie ended, some of the younger cousins went back with an aunt's car and left the 7 seven of us (the elder ones). We went for supper in town.

Supper time
On the way there, while waiting for the traffic light at the junction, suddenly came two big police truck stopped right in the middle of the junction, blocking the cars from my side to move forward. Some officers came down to put the barriers. Some brought torchlights and started patroling. Just like those scene from the movie.

At first I thought what was gonna happen. Then one of my cousin said that either they were checking for illegal racers or there has been a robbery happened somewhere and they wana blocked the road. But after awhile, they reversed the trucks and letting the cars to move again. God knows what were they doing.
On the following day, which is today, all the relatives went to Malacca to celebrate grandma's 80th birthday. We booked 4 tables. It is just me who hasn't been eating such nice food in UTM or what. The food tasted reeaaaal good.
The younger generation
The elder one
Three of my cousins around my age brought their bf/gfs back. One of them (1 year younger than me) had even engaged. As for me, I still haven't meet 'the one' so just relax first lah. Enjoy being single while I can. Hehe.
Grandma's birthday cake
Time to sing the birthday song~

After the lunch at about 2.30pm, dad brought me to Melaka Sentral to check if I could change my 4pm bus ticket to an earlier time but all the tickets to JB were all sold off so had no choice but to take the 4pm one. Back to my hostel at 7pm.
On the way back to UTM
Earlier, mum tapao some leftover food for my dinner meal. Yum~ Eating non-halal food inside UTM is very satisfying indeed. =p
Leftover food (I didn't take all of course)
ps: the hostel's connection is super super slow and lousy so I won't be posting any pics until I get back to KL this coming Saturday!!!!!
update: pics added (20th Aug)


Phil said...
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Wai Luen said...

wah so fast go holiday one? mid term ar? when is ur semester break for this sem?

Jimmy said... mid sem break. starting 18th-26th. 1 week onli la. hehe.