Monday, August 20, 2007

Somemore Space

THE other day my roomate and I was doing our studio drawings on our beds because our study desks are too small for it.

I realise that as I get older, the paper that I used is also getting bigger. During kindergarden we used A4 paper for colouring class. Then came to primary school we used paper about A3 size for art drawing.

As I entered Uni, it was my first time using an A2 paper (for draughtsmanship assignment). And now in my 2nd year, I am using A1 paper for presentation drawings. That's about eight times bigger than the usual A4 size.

Since my roomate and I do not go to studio to do our work (lazy to walk so far =p) and the hostel room that we are staying is not designed for archi students like us, we had to create space in the room to do our work.

This is what our room looked like at the beginning:

First we rotated our desk.
Then we arranged the bed position (not the other bed position) and tried to figure out which kind of arrangement will give us enough space for our drawings. So after 90 mins of shifting, rotating, making noises in the middle of the night (it was already 3am) and resting this is what it turned out in the end:
There is no way we can get extra space unless we remove one of our sleeping area. Then only one of us will get to sleep on bed while the other will have to sleep on the floor like how the Japanese do.

I have no problem with it as long as there is a matress for me to sleep on. When there is work to do, one of our bed will be used as draughting table and when there it isn't, both of us can still sleep on the our bed respectively.

Some of the friends were suprised to see the arrangement when entered our room. Some even said that it now looks like an office already. Haha.

Some pics:


TJ said...

cool~ lolz

i dun think i oways leave comments, but i just miss hostel life~ sad

san said...

walao... ging