Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Time On Air, and Win A Little Something

YESTERDAY I was on my way back home after work and listening to Ever since I started my internship two weeks ago I always tune in to 104.9 whenever I’m in the car heading and back from work There are all sorts of attractive prizes which you can win if you take part in the game or activities they have.

So what happened last evening was, while DJ Jeremy was on the air he mentioned that he would be giving away movie passes to lucky winners. What we just needed to do was to send a text message to the radio station.

I was driving and messaging Ning at the same time, thinking how easy it could possibly be to win stuff just like that. Why not give it a try? Therefore I typed in whatever the DJ said and sent it to the station. Never thought of anything more after that.

It was until moments later I received a phone call. The number looked quite familiar (cuz it was the number I call almost every morning trying my luck to win some cash). "Hey isn’t that the number from" I thought for awhile.

Yes indeed, it was Jeremy the DJ!! RED.FM ACTUALLY CALLED ME!!! And I answered it right away.

I received the call while they were still playing some songs at the station. Jeremy DJ asked me to turn down the radio volume. It also means the whole conversation actually wasn't live but pre-recorded few couple minutes before. I was stunned and excited I didn't know what to react as I was chosen as the lucky winner to win FOUR movie tickets of Night At The Museum 2.

Gosh I totally couldn't believe it! This is my first time talking to a radio staion DJ on air. Moreover I am winning something from it. How cool is that!

As far as I can recall, this is how the conversation went like:

DJ: Hello Jit Ming, right? This is Jeremy calling from the

Me: Erm..yea, hi! * getting excited*
DJ: Congratulations to you Jit Ming! You have won yourself some movie passes!

Me: *excited* Oh my god! Really? Is it? Err...err.. (too happy dunno what else to say). Thank you thank you thank you.
DJ: Now tell me, Jit Ming. Tell me how do you want this movie ticket so much?
Me: *still excited* I want it very veryy much!
DJ: Congratulations again, you have just picked up four tickets all thanks to the 20th Century Fox.
Me: Oh four?
DJ: Yea, you can get four.
Me: Oh okay. Thanks, thanks. Thanks a lot. Thank you!
DJ: How many do you think I am giving away?
Me: Normally I thought is, err...two or….hehe. But, err..I am so surprise.
DJ: Hey, that’s my job to surprise you. So, congratulations!

The DJ questioned me some stuff and asked if I ever won anything from before. He even asked me who am I going to ask to watch the movie together. Then he took down my details to send me the tickets I supposed.

THANK YOU RED.FM! I am thinking of going for the movie with my family members. We had never before watched a movie in the cinema together. I’m sure it will be nice.

Went to Kinrara's Giant two weeks ago to shake hand with the DJ in order to win RM10,000!!!

If you are wondering why am I calling to every morning. I was actually kinda attracted to the game they have on that time. Plus the cash reward is really really tempting! Go listen it for yourself... =)


Wallace Tan said...

coongratz...hahah...u r so lucky..

jenny said...

ni jiu hao lo....
I still prefer Night at the Museum 1..

Jeanjean said...

walao... u r one bloody lucky guy. eh, give me some of your luck. I want to win lottery leh.

Jimmy said...

jenny: haha u watched ady? im still waiting for my tickets

jean: ok sure *transfering luck*.. k, got it? =)

jenny said...

yea, i watch movie every week's nice but still the 1st one is nicer...