Friday, June 26, 2009

A Gift From KCYS

FINALLY after undergoing eight weeks of my practical training in KCYS Architects, today is my last day of work. Weee~~ I do learn a lot things my colleagues and bosses and most importantly they are good to me.

Initially I was thinking of working in a big architecture firm cz I thought it should be nice to have many people working together but now I find that working in a small (or medium) firm can be quite exciting and fun as well. I think what attracted me when I first came for interview was the cosy environment of the office.

Anyway, time flies. Yesterday my boss KC handed me a little souvenior after I asked him to sign some documents for me. I was surprised!

He told me, it was designed by one of our colleages 

A big piece of diamond/crystal glass

Ahh, I do not know how they make this

But I LOVE it! So cool!
Thank you KCYS

There is something nice that I wanna share. Check out the video below! Have a nice Friday =)

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.