Sunday, June 14, 2009

Penang Escape 1

TWO weeks ago, my family and I went for a trip. It was quite a last minute plan and since I am back home for my internship, mum suggested that we go for a trip together. And Penang was the choice of destination. It's been a long time we've never hang out together as a family.

Since there are many photos, I shall just post them up into two posts and let the pictures tell the story. =)

We departed early Saturday morning
The weather was cooling and looking fine on that day
The first place we went - the Penang Hill
The cable car station
My mum's only son
I have not ride this since primary school time
Going up
On the way up
Coming from the opposite direction
 Cable car interchange at the middle of the hill
Incoming cable car
Passing through the tunnel
Alighting at the hilltop station
From the top, you could view almost all of Penang Island. Spendid!
Mum and sis
The weather was rather cooling on top and very enjoyable
Next, we visited the Penang Museum
No photos are allowed inside the building.
This antique car displayed outside looked big and kinda scary

Part 2 coming up in a few days' time =)


Johnny Ong said...

really really a long long time ago since last i went there

Jimmy said...

it is a nice place indeed. =) hope to visit there again.

Holly Jean said...

I'll b goin to penang for a party on july 18... so I'llbe there 17 18 and 19 july. whoohoo

Jimmy said...

ahh. that'll be cool! dont forget to visit the penang hill if u like seeing views from above =)