Sunday, June 28, 2009

MJ. A Memorable Journey

IT'S still unbelievable when I think of Michael Jackson's passing away. Months ago we still could heard of him fighting with his court case and people trying to sue him blablabla. Now look at him, all gone and  people are starting to miss and remember him.

How many animals are there?

I still remember the first time when I saw him on TV, I thought he was a woman! At such a young age, I supposed people with long hair are girls.

Shinny HAWT!

Sometimes when I see his photos. I start to imagine how can he possibly be a person who was born black with KABOOM hairstyle:

 become so fairly white:
(the hair is still a bit curly in this photo)

Well, after some googles I've just learnt that it is because of his skin disorder disease that destroy the skin pigmentation. It was something that can't be helped. Also, Michael Jackson slept in oxygen chamber to what he believed that it will keep his life span longer. Hmm, that is interesting.

Michael Jackson wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for his dance moves

Moonwalk has certainly became a trademark for MJ, although some of the sources say that he did not invent, but perfected it from the others.

After his death, many of his past videos and music are being played all over the channels. It brings back a lot of memories cuz I used to watch them last time. Among all this music videos, the one I like and admire the most is none other than...

The Smooth Criminal. Eeooww!

All the dance moves in it, I tell you, superb! He is legendary.

During my secondary school times back in 2003, few of my friends and I was trying to do some 'legendary' performance and so we danced the Michael Jackson's songs during the teachers' day. Take a look and have some laugh! =p

That was SIX years ago, man!!


kh said...

i dont remember us cheering that much.... did we?

Klara said...

He said he's never slept in an oxygen chamber ;) (watch the 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey)