Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Island Trip (Day 9)

Day 9 (Fri)
Finally, no more flyers to be distributed, no more funny faces/rejections from people, it was time for us to ENJOY!! On that day, KJ and I decided to go Sentosa, the Singapore island resort.

View from Mt Faber
KJ: Which is my cabin?
First we took a cab to Mount Faber and then took a cable car ride to the Sentosa Island. The return-trip ticket costs S$17/person for the glass cabin. From the cable car we could see..
and this.
It was a breathtaking view from the top. However to those who are afraid of height and sea, I suggest you to take a bus/car ride to Sentosa.
Once we reached Sentosa Cable Car station, we walked under the hot sun all the way down to the visitor arrival centre. Then took a Sentosa feeder bus back to the top again. -_-" Haha. I didn't look carefully at the map and the surrouding at first.
First we went to the 4D cinema (located at the Imbiah Lookout) and watched the show "Pirates!" starring Leslie Nelson. The ticket was S$16/person. It lasted only 20 minutes but the effects was amazing. Not only you could feel the seat moving and the 3D effect. There were also water splashing, wind blowing and sounds from the seats to make the whole show looked real.

Sentosa 4D Magix
Then we took the luge ride (1st in South East Asia) nearby. It was something like a go-cart but instead on stepping on the accelerator pedal to move, you just have to slide with the engine-free-cart downhill using its unique steering and braking system. It rely on gravitatonal pull to move. I must say that that was the most exciting ride on that day! It gave us the adrenaline rush without a car.
The Luge ticket counter (S$15 for 3 rides + 3 chairlifts)
Berhati-hati di jalan raya
After the ride, a chairlift will bring you back up to the starting point.
Next we walked along Siloso Beach. It lies on the west portion of the southern coast and it has places for beach volleyball and other outdoor activities such as canoeing, skim boarding, mountain biking or roller blading. There are also dining and shopping outlets along the beach.
It started to rain halfway and we ran to a souvenior shop for shelter. Thenwe took the Siloso Beach tram back to where we walked from and when the rain stopped we tried the luge ride for another time.
Siloso Beach
Next we boarded the Tanjong Beach tram to the Dolphin Lagoon at about 1pm. The ticket to watch the pink dolphin show is S$19.50 (inclusive of The Underwater World Entrance). The dolphins performed some stunts to cheer up the crowd. The MC then called for two volunteers to play games with the pink dolphins

Dolphin: Hi every people!
She was from London and he was from Australia
Dolphin: Don't blink your eyes, fellas
After the dolphin show, we took the Sentosa feeder bus to the Underwater World. For me, it was nothing much. Almost the same as KLCC Aquaria and Langkawi Underwater World. After all, it is still fish. KJ bought a box of chocolates before leaving there.
From the Underwater World, we took a tram to Pahlawan Beach. There was a suspension bridge that lead to another small island off the coast which is said to be the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia, or Asia's closest point to the Equator.
View from the Island of the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia
These were some of the views you can get from the tower on the island:
After enjoying the view and breeze from the tower, we walked along the beach back to Siloso Beach. There we changed and went into the sea since we brought our swimming trunks along. Unfortunately it rained after 15 minutes so we had to changed back.
When the rain stopped, we took the chairlift up the hill. The chairlift reminded me of the ice skiing resort from Winter Sonata. =D We tried the luge ride once more, then went up back up again. After that it was time for us to leave the island, since it was already getting late.
I am definately coming back to try this again!
At night KJ's parents were hosting a dinner at SAFRA Mt Faber. It was in a clubhouse and I heard that the dinner costs about S$700!! All of his uncles, aunties and cousins came. And I was the only outsider. Anyway, I still enjoyed myself. The most important thing is, I got to taste delicious food without having to pay a single cent. =p
After the dinner, we went to the bar downstairs and the uncles aunties had a drink. Some were singing karaoke/dancing and some were playing pool. To my suprise KJ dad was good at playing pool. We spent the whole night until 1am...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Island Trip (Day 8)

Day 8 (Thu)
Finally our LAST day of working! KJ and I went to Clementi MRT in the morning to do our job. Then we took MRT to Bedok and went to the East Coast Park. It is situated on the south-eastern part of Singapore and is the largest and the most popular park in the island. There we rented a bicycle to cycle. After 1 hour of cycling in the park we tried in-line skating. Both of us didn't skate long because we were not so good at it.
East Coast Park
The park also has water skiing sports, where the participants are not pulled by a boat but by an overhead cable. It looked cool and fun. Too bad we didn't bring extra clothes. Otherwise we would sure to try that out. So we just looked at people doing it and getting wet.
The cables runs counter clockwise around the lake and the participants are, very
simply, hooked up to the cable on the move. It is powered by a variable
speed electric motor that can maintain speed between 20 - 58 kph.
From there we took a cab to Takashimaya in Orchard Road. Had our lunch there. Then we walked along Orchard Road (Singapore's larger version of Bukit Bintang).
Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

The Heeren @ Orchard Road
When we were in The Heeren (shopping). I saw May and Choy, the MTV VJ twins eating in one of the restaurant over there. I was so excited that I wanted to take a photo of them but at the same time felt so chicken =p Somemore they were having their lunch. So KJ and I just went around in HMV.
When we came out of The Heeren, SUPRISINGLY I saw May and Choy again. They were shooting for the MTV programme in Orchard Road. So KJ and I looked at them from the side while they were recording. Then the producer (i think) came to me and asked if I want to make a song request.

"Well, if I do. I might get a chance to get close to the twins!" I thought happily.

So I agreed and he brieved me on what was I suppose to do and how to do in front of the camera etc. I killed one bird with two stones: Got to meet the model cum VJs and appearing on MTV channel! Hehe. KJ took videos and photos of us when we were shooting. The two of them were so cool! They were nice, cute, pretty and active. I don't know what to say. Suddenly I felt like I was happiest guy when both of them grabbed my arms. And we did it with just 1 take. Before we left I asked May and Choy for another photo to be taken with me.

Then we went to Holiday Park View Inn Hotel to wait for KJ's parents to arrive at 3.30pm. After they had checked in the hotel we (KJ's parents, KJ and I) went to the hotel cafe to have a light meal. Awhile later KJ's aunt (the one we met at Suntec on our first day) joined us.
Hotel Park View Inn
After the meal, KJ's mum and aunt went for shopping at Takashimaya. KJ's dad, KJ and I went to the hotel room. We rested for awhile, explored the hotel before going out to Orchard again, leaving KJ's dad sleeping in the room. KJ and I went to Cineleisure.
Cineleisure @ Grange Road
The mall has variety of fast food resturants, a food court, a section of youth themed shops. It has cafes and bistros. It also houses a karaoke lounge and a video games arcade. Last but not least, Cathay Cineplex Orchard operates 12 halls at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, with three on the 4th floor, six on the 6th and three on the 9th. The 9th floor houses a large e-gaming centre, E2-Max
Wheelock Place @ Scotts Road
Then we walked to Borders (the largest bookshop in Singapore) in Wheelock Place.
Crystal Jade Palace
At 6.30pm we walked to Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant in Takashimaya. There we had dinner with KJ's parents, aunt and her sister with husband (total 7 of us). The aunt's sis' husband was a Pengarah Pendidikan in Singapore. We had a great time eating and chatting (for the elder ones). After the dinner KJ's mum went for a last minute shopping at G2000. Then we headed back home and KJ's parents went back to their hotel.

Orchard Underground Station

Island Trip (Day 7)

Day 7 (Wed)
KJ and I went to Tiong Bahru MRT in the morning to do our routine. After that we walked around Tiong Bahru Plaza but there was not shops opened as it was still early. Then we took a bus to KJ's aunt dance studio in near Bukit Merah Bus Interchange. To our dissapointment, nobody was there and it was locked so we went for a light lunch nearby.

Inside the MRT
Later on we went to Red Hill MRT to distribute the flyers. After that took MRT to Harbour Front Shopping, walked around, bought a postcard and stamps (wanted to send back to KL but in the end didn't).
Harbour Front Shopping

The Cruise Terminal was just behind
Then we went to the Keppel Bay Tower, which was just next to it, to enquire for the scholarship application form.
Keppel Bay Tower
Inside Keppel Corp.
View from the office inside

Then we ate again in the food court and stayed there until it was time to distribute the flyers. At night we ta pao pizza home for dinner. I love pizza!

New York Pizza

A simple day.

Island Trip (Day 6)

Day 6 (Tue)
In the morning, KJ and I went to Jurong East MRT/bus station to give out the flyers. There were more Malays in that area and many of them were willing to take it. After that we went to the Singapore Science Centre which was only a 10 minutes walk from the station.
First we went to the IMAX Omni-Theatre (The 1st in South East Asia) to watch "Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag" which lasted for 45 minutes. And there were only two of us inside.

The Omni-Theatre, part of the Singapore Science Centre, is a specially designed
theatre equipped with state-of-the-art IMAX dome technology. It is Singapore's
only dome-shaped, 5-storey high theatre with a capacity of 276 seats.
Then we went for the Morphis Movie Ride which costs S$4. It was a simulator coaster ride which lasted for about 5 minutes only. Just a so so ride.
Morphis Movie Simulator
Next we headed to the Science Exhibition, and then my favourite part of the place -- The Art of Star Wars Exhibition. It was an amazing exhibition. We got to look behind the scenes in the making of the Star Wars movies. There were life-sized models, sets, costumes, weapons and props used in the actual filming of the movie.
Models and costumes

We also get to see the life-sized items that were used in Star Wars Episode III - The Revenge of the Sith, such as:
The surgical table of Darth Vader
The birthing table of Padme Amidala
Palpatine's Chair
There was also a section called Jedi Gym where you can play with the "lightsaber" and learn to use your mind to move an object. Pretty cool!
For those Star Wars die hard fans, you will not want to miss out this oppurtunity as the exhibition will end at 3rd April 2006. However I find that the price is a little too expensive, S$18.

We left the Science Center at 4 something and we for a light meal in Jurong Shopping Mall. Then we distributed the flyers at the same place we were in the morning.
After that we took bus to Bukit Timah Community Club at 7.30pm. KJ's uncle was giving a Cha Cha dancing lesson so we joined! Haha. Learning how to dance is not easy as you thought. Anyway we had a great cha cha time.

Then at 8.30pm we hurried to Queenstown Community Club to meet KJ's aunt there. She was giving out Salsa dancing lesson. However we didn't join because it was an intermediate class already. So we just sat and looked at the people dancing and spinning around.
Having Salsa Lesson

The class ended at 9.30pm so KJ, his aunt and I went for dinner before going home nearby.