Friday, June 23, 2006


RECEIVED a big envelope from UTM this morning. There is an offering letter, a handbook, timetables, lots of forms, a car sticker, a bank slip, and two Superman Returns premiere movie tickets inside it.

Many things have to be a week's time.

I have to fill in all the forms.

I have to develope my passport sized photos.

I have to go for a medical and x-ray check up.

I have to opened a new Bumiputra Commerce bank account.

I have to photocopy my school leaving certificate, birth certificate, IC and exams certificates which then certified by the school.

I have to buy a new long sleeve collared shirt, sneakers and a batik shirt.

I need to get some daily used items during my stay in the hostel.

And not forgotten...

I want to meet all my friends for the last time before I leave.


Yesterday my good friend Yi Yang had the same fate with me, both of us got summoned for the same offence at different place and time.

Damn Tulan!

FEW hours ago something happened just pissed me off very much! I received something which I never got before in my entire life.

My first time receiving...

..a police summon!!

I do agree that talking on the phone while driving without a handsfree is against the law but I never knew that using a loudspeaker is wrong too. I thought that it was introduced for the same purpose as a handsfree.

By the way, I know what a handsfree is, you kanasai police officer. Don't have to explain it and tell me that it is called a alat bebas tangan in Malay language.

Not only they gave the summon, they even checked my car! (I mean my dad's car) What the hell, like I have any drugs, dead naked bodies or explosives to blow up the whole Chow Kit area in the vehicle.

If you guys are jealous cause I'm driving a much bigger and comfortable car than your Malaysian-made-milo-tin-car, just say lah! I don't mind taking you for a ride to Klang to try the Bak Kut Teh.

And, please don't pretend that you are a friendly and sociable officer by asking me how was my results for STPM and which university I am going to enter.

I tell you now, I'll be taking over the Malaysian Police Chief Officer position anytime and you two are going into the pack-your-stuff-and-go-home-eat-papaya namelist.

Initially I asked him to write: "..menggunakan loudspeaker (pembesar suara kuat??) semasa memandu.." But he didn't!

Hey you police officers are not professional enough! Where got officer like you taking your own sweet time smoking a cigaratte while giving out a summon.

Are you trying to tell me that you have not enough money to buy a cup of coffee?! If it is that case, I suggest you two go home and drink the pipe water.

If you are asking for a bribe, ask like a man and not a chicken, like "Ada apa-apa mau cakap dengan kita?"

'Cause my answer to that question will be, "FARKE YIU!"


Throw away your 'Saya Anti Rasuah' badge la

Monday, June 19, 2006

Status Checked

HERE I am blogging again. Sorry I've been busy with my work previously. There were no posts for some time.

Now that I've stopped my work. I've got the time in the world to do whatever I want until the end of this June because next month I'm going to start my university life!

I just checked my university application status via the net and SMS today. To my suprise I got the course+university that I wanted!! Feeling suprised because I never thought that I can get it as my CGPA points is only 2.7 (out of 4).

Awhile later my ex-classamate, Choon Wah called. He also got the same course and university with me. Hopefully we can get to stay in the same hostel room when we are in Johor.

Both of us applied for the architecture course at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) which is located at Skudai, the northen part of Malaysia.

Which means I am sooo... going to miss KL, my family, friends and her when I am not at here anymore =(

However, I will be getting closer to Singapore. If time allows, might sneak to there to visit my aunties enjoy! Hahaha...

Dreamed of May and Choy the night before, went to them and asked: “Do you still remember me? Neh..last time we
took a photo at Orchard Road before!”

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Activate Your Shot

RECENTLY I've just discovered a hot place nearby my working place where you can have your photos nicely shot there.

          Nop, it's not at the KLCC park,
        ..not the KLCC Convention Centre,
    ....not in the Avenue K,
                              ..not in front of the Petronas Twin Towers,
       ....not in the mating meeting room of Maxis Tower, 
 ...not in the lobby of the Mandarin Oreintal Hotel
           ......and definately not on the main road of Jalan Ampang.

...Welcome to the Maxis Centre @ Maxis Tower, KLCC...

The state-of-art interior design has background which is so lively and colourful. And also huge posters to advertise the services available. Plasma/LCD TV could be seen mounted on the wall almost everywhere. Not to mention the number of computers with LCD screens for the members of public to download games, tones to their handphones, check services and register new numbers.

There is one thing that we can conclude... MAXIS is $$$ rich $$$!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Jit Ming 2004

AS I was signing in to the my blogger account yesterday, to my suprise the screen came out this!

What the..?!! I only have ONE post in my blog and who heck changed my blog name to 'Jit Ming 2004' ??!

To ensure again I went to Edit Profile Page to check whether it was really my page I entered.

It IS mine wat. All the information inside are correct.

So I decided to check out the blog for this account ----->> to find out who is the fella who use my name for his/her blog, leaving me no choice but to use

The first and only post on that blog dated April 05, 2004 !!!






Wait a minute, after flashing back my memories I remember signing up for blogger account by the username 'jitming' and when I tried to change a new password for that particular account after that, it worked.

See-two-pig me!! Now only I realise that I was the one who registered for that account two years ago, then I just left it unused.

What a forgetful me =S