Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lang Tengah Trip (Day 1)

On the night of 3rd May 2008, Chin Keng, who came to KL a day earlier, and I went to Puduraya Bus Terminal to meet with the rest of the course mates. A total number of 20 of us gathered at the platform above before boarding the bus.

Getting ready to depart (Note: Steven adjusting gear)

Don’t ever forget to bring your jacket when taking a night bus. The bus was super duper cold that night and luckily I brought mine along. When it stopped for break halfway, all of us rushed down to get a cup of hot drink and some food.

As it was freaking cold in the bus and the driver didn’t bother to turn off the air-con, I couldn’t manage to get nice rest. We kept on telling ourselves that we would reach Kuala Terengganu in a short moment and it finally did, after a journey of 7 hours.

nce we arrived the bus terminal in KT, it was around 5am and the sky was still dark. Not long later the mosque started singing and some of us went to the canteen nearby for breakfast. We waited until around 7 something for another bus to pick us up to the jetty.

See how cold the bus was
At KT bus stop
Before dropping us at the jetty, the bus driver stopped at Kampung Cina (Chinatown) in KT for us to have breakfast. For those who already had their meal earlier, they just walked around the place. There was a market and an ancient well at there as well.
Along the way to the jetty, all of us slept like pig as the bus was way too comfortable because we owned the whole bus and there were more than enough space for us to laid down.
Our bus
At the market
Met some UTM friends
Looking at the well

Inside the bus
The moment we reached the jetty, all of us quickly changed into our shorts and sandals, afraid that we would get wet when reach the resort later and then waited for about 30 mins for the boat the pick us up.

At the jetty

The ladies

We stayed at Redang Lang Island Resort. The journey from the jetty to the resort took us about an hour. Without wasting much time, some continued their sleep in the boat.
The boat arriving
Inside the boat
Bye bye, mainland
The resort and fishes can be clearly seen in water
Our resort!!
Helping out with the luggages
UTM 2nd year
The beach
Our chalet
I'm staying with PC, Ala and Tiong

Once checked in, we were briefed by the owner of the resort about the 3D2N programs and the activities in the resort. We paid RM315 for the accommodation, meals, life jacket and snorkel+mask rental, as well as the entrance fees for the Marine Park. It was consider quite cheap already. And the food tasted not as bad!!

After settling down, off we go to the beach!!! The sand is white and as fine as the flour and the water was quite clear as we could see the fishes swimming underneath and some coral.

The first activity of the day was…LUNCH! Hehe.

After that, we went to Marine Park at the Redang Island. It was my third time there already but it must be a whole new world for most of them. There were colorful fishes but not many types of them. More or less are like the same. As usual, we snorkel in different groups and swam around.

I brought some dried and expired bread from home to feed the fishes.
On the way to the Marine Park
Marine Park

We spent for about 1 hour at the Marine Park before heading back to the resort by boat. All of us we exhausted and sun burnt.
Some photos from Liang's Olympus camera:

On the way back to the resort
Tired loh..

Back at the beach at the resort, we continued with our own activities: volleyball, photos taking, snorkel, enjoying view, and exploring the beach along the sea……
Tea time

Play ball
Some shots:

The other side of the beach

We were there
Praticing yoga
Found this dried bamboo stick
And it is multi-usage
Flying bamboo
Then we found a loooonger one. Took it, just in case =p
Liang needs bigger bird
Human pyramid
It was a tiring day. Many of us went to bed even before the midnight...

Getting darker

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