Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Member

LAST Sunday I was back in Malacca with mum and sis. Dad was still on his China trip. Mum wanted to go back mainly because was to visit my grandma. The other reason was to check out my 'new' car.

Well, not exactly a new car as it is a 1990 Proton Saga. Weeks ago, dad asked his hometown friend if there is any good bargain for a second hand car and immediately he found someone who wants to sell off this Proton at an interesting price of RM5000!!

Yea, this Proton

Five thousand...it's quite worth it for an auto transmission car, 1500cc, and a 12 valve engine. The car belongs to a pair of elderly couple staying in the kampong, therefore it has been rarely use and even if there is, it would be only in short distance, around the kampong area.

Uncle talking to the owner

The condition of the car is still looking good and the seats inside looks almost new. According to the couple, only both of them are using the car so the back seats are normally unoccupied. The paint is still in its original colour (metallic silver) except for bit of cracks and torned off. 18 years already ma...

So I had a test drive with my uncle. We went to the highway and sped to 110km/h to see if the car can tahan or not. Also, the air-con is still working well. One thing good about Proton is their air-con. You can eat a McD's Sundae Cone inside a Proton without having to worry it melting =p

KL plate. 3 numbers. How to buy 4D ar?

Overall it was ok. Just need a little bit of service and touch up. That's it! Uncle to paid a deposit of RM100 and right now just have to wait for the name transfer procedure to be done before I can get the car.

I don't mind what car it is. As long as I have my own transport to travel around the campus and to makan outside sometimes, that'll be satisfying already =)
Awaiting you, baby~


yee mei said...

wah, as it is... you're already travelling all around the place.. can't inmagine your plans in the future! haha

Anonymous said...

wah.. ur baby looks real good ya.. having amother driver liao.. ahaha... btw.. where ur chat box go ha?

Jimmy said...

yee mei: i always wish to go backpack. hope can realise one day =)

san: oops, i think i accidently removed it. dont worry, i've added it back ;)