Thursday, May 22, 2008


TOMORROW I am going to Endau Rompin National Park with my primary school mates. One of the friend planned it so i just joined along. Just now I was at Puduraya Bus Terminal to buy my bus ticket for tomorrow.

If you are wondering why we didn't buy the ticket together? Actually we did. My friend who bought our tickets told me that we will be departing on Friday. At first I was thinking that I'll be in Malacca so I might head to Rompin straight by myself and meet the rest of them there.

However plan changed last minute and she already sold the ticket to the other. So today I had to head to Puduraya to buy the ticket again. Sad new is, the 9am ticket (which is the time we all depart) has been sold out!! And they only left the 12pm ticket. If I buy that, I'll be reaching at Rompin at 5pm, 3 hours later than them. And they had already arranged to meet the guide at 1pm.

Some more Transnasional is THE ONLY bus company that has got buses travel to Rompin. Screw the rest of the company la!!

Then I headed to Hentian Putra nearby PWTC to try my luck. They too, didn't have the morning bus from KL to Rompin. But fortunate enough, the guy at the Mara Liner counter told me that I could get a 9am bus from Hentian Putra to Muadzam Shah (God knows where it is) which took about 4 hours. Then I can transfer my bus from there to Rompin in just 1 hour.

In the end, I'll be reaching in Rompin at 3pm. Two hours later than the rest. I called up Wai Yee aka the orgainser and told her my journey plan. And she said she'll arrange the guide to come pick us at 3pm instead of 1pm. And of course, the rest will have to wait for me la.

So paiseh for messing up the trouble. I promise I'll belanja them something when reach there. Hehe. That's all about Rompin la. Will post some photos when back from there on Sunday.


Yesterday I was out with Choon Wah. We planned to visit the KLCC skybridge in the morning as he has never been there before and wanted to ask Marc along. But on the last minute Marc couldn't make it so we didn't go to KLCC anymore.

Instead we went to Low Yat Plaza because Choon Wah wants to look for a laptop. After walking (almost) all over the place and checking the price and all that, he'd decided to get a DELL laptop. I personally think DELL is not bad since it has an internation warranty. But still he needs some time to decide and compare the price around before really buying it.

I got my laptop (Acer Aspire 4720) last August with a price of RM2800. With this price now, I think he could get a much more better laptop already, with faster processor, higher RAM and nicer graphics.

I actually wanted to get a pendrive since mine already kong kong (dead) long time ago but still figuring what size of the USB drive I should get. 4Gb or 8. Worrying that if I buy the 8Gb, the price will drop enormously in a few weeks. So in conclusion, I'll only get it when going back to uni on July.

Before going back, we stopped by at Times Square for Sundae Cornetto at McD and I got myself a Marie Digby album, finally! Yeah! =)

Her voice... *melt*
Me and Marie. Original k!

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Wallace Tan said...

Yea...i bought my laptop already..will be post on my blog soon...Btw..I luv marie