Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lang Tengah Trip (Day 2)

As I slept quite early the night before, I managed to get up at 7am but seeing that all still lying on the bed sleeping so soundly I continued my sleep for almost an hour.

Breakfast time, they prepared roti canai, spaghetti, char kuey tiaw, as well as bread for us to toast, with kaya, butter and sugar. Also milo, tea and coffee. How I wish to have this in the hostel or studio everyday.

Bread first
San and Jenny
San and some fella
Jump lor...

Oo..wet and sexy

After breakfast it was trekking time. It wasn’t really a jungle trekking where we had to climb mountain and do abseiling. Basically is like a jungle trail and plus a bit of beach and rock seeing.

As Lang Tengah is not a very big island, we took about 2 hour for the whole trekking activity. What a nice experience though! And Ala still managed to talk in his handphone while walking in the middle of nowhere.

Group pic before the trekking
Our trail
Depart. La la la~
March along the beach

Passed a chalet
Came out at the back of other resort
And passed a very exclusive resort - D'Coconut Lagoon
With nice pool facing the sea
Still walking
The art of jumping
Teck Yong: *smile*
Spiderman's best friends
The trail's getting higher
We came by a beach
And took some photos
Into the woods again
Could see the opposite side of the island
Voila!! Splendid view
"okok, lai..come closer abit"
The guys
Choon Wah (R) in deep thoughts
Going down the hill
At a resort
Blue ocean. Blue sky.
ME, ME, ME!!
Back to resort after trekking
It was our free time between lunch and round island activity. Using Ala’s cam, Lim zoomed the lens until the max to spy the boat across the sea. Can see people doing business and stuff at the boat!! HOLY shit!!!
Back to the nature

The round island trip started at 3pm and we hopped onto a boat which took us around the Lang Tengah island and stopped by a place for us to snorkel around.

There wasn’t many fishes compared to Marine park and the coral there was just okay okay. The wave current was quite big as we were at the outer side of the beach, more like in the middle of the sea.

Arriving snorkeling spot
Getting ready
Wei Chin
Chin Keng jumping and Choon Wah waiting
The photographer (ehem..) always not inside the photo lor

When back to the resort’s beach, we continued with our own activity. As it was our last evening, we spent some time snapping photos and playing in the water. Time flies during happy moments eh.

Me, Choon Wah and Chin Keng
Hui San, Han Chee and Yee Wei
Other group (got a pretty one =p)
At the jetty
Nice shot of cloud
We got to climbed onto the banana boat, just to take photos
Haha. Trying to push Yee Wei (then my turn) down into water
Sook Yee and I. She's the only non-UTMians from the group
Some photos:
Yee Wei and Tiong
Han Chee and Chiou Yann
David and Karen
Lim snapping some shots
...shots of girls!
Happy moment caught!
Stick figures
Some people were just to happy =)
Dinner time - BBQ
In the room

During night time, Tiong and Karen managed to have karaoke session with the other group of travellers. And the rest of us just played cards at the back.
After playing with the cards, we moved to the eating area and played the "Police, Killer and Doctor" game. It was kind of like a mind game and I have never played that kind of game before. Really exciting and mysterious in finding who the killer was. Jeng Jeng jeng…

I have to admit that I cheated once in the game =p But I’m not going to say how. Hehe.. And Liang did a nice part as a narrator of the game!
“It’s been a bloody night..” “Unfortunately, somebody was killed…”
“Killer, you may open your eyes..” “Doctor, who do you wanna revive?”

Next, Hui San suggested another game. Those who lost in the game were to be punished. It was a chi gek but foolish game lor. Some of us especially Wei Chin and I gotta suffer from it. =( Among the punishments that some of us got includes:

1) Liang and Ala kissed on Siew Wei’s hand for 10 seconds.
2) Ala, Beeli and Chin Keng to carry Yee Wei for one round.
3) Hui San, Wei Chin and I had to kiss each other on our lips. Yerrr!! It just reminds me of
4) David and I kena chest molested by Hui San and Sook Yee.
5) Jenny and Siew Wei were to pick Lim’s stomach hair.
6) Jenny, Choon Wah, Wei Chin, Chin Keng and Lim rubbed on each other’s nose for 5 times.
7) Steven licked Sook Yee and Siew Wei’s ear.

And for the finale, there was a nice show: watching David and Siew Wei kissing! ^^ which made the whole trip and our RM315 more worth it!!
Some shots during the game

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