Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marie Digby's Showcase

YESTERDAY concert was a blast! It was not really a concert like Jay Chou or Celine Dion World Tour in Stadium Merdeka. But more like a mini showcase of Marie Digby held in the shopping mall of 1 Utama, followed by autograph session. And most important of all, it was FREE!!

I got to know Marie Digby in youtube and found her voice very nice and pure!! Ever since I'm so hooked up with her, like how I was attracted to Karen Kong’s voice in youtube as well. Marie is also talented. She could play the piano and guitar and even write her own songs.

Her version ‘Umbrella’ song was the one that made her so famous. She also sang ‘Gimme More’ (of Britney) and ‘What I’ve Done’ (Linkin Park) with only using her guitar and vocal, which I’m so amazed of!

The stage

A little bit of her background: She’s a mixed of Japanese mum and Irish-American dad, which gives her the bit Asian and Caucasian look. You know, like Kristen Kruek and Mandy Moore those kind.

And the moment the long black-haired singer came upon the stage last night, I was like “OMG, she’s sooo soooo sooooo fair. Just like snow white. Really! And looks so much like a Barbie doll”

The crowd on the evening

I arrived 1 Utama at around 6 something in the evening and there was not so many people, yet. So I walked around, and reloaded my handphone credit before standing at a nice spot at the front of the stage. At that time, some amateur photographers were already preparing themselves at the front row as well, with their DSLR camera, waiting to get a close shot of Marie.

There was actually an area right in front of the stage which was empty and only reserved for the press and invited guests. At about 7pm that area was still empty and happily we thought that we have booked a nice spot. But when the invited guests started to arrive and filled in the particular area at the front, they were already blocking those who came earlier before.
Luckily I was standing at the side instead of center, therefore my view wasn’t really blocked. Hehe. A little tips for those who wanna attend some showcases like this the next time. Do not stand in the middle and right in front of the stage.

The crowd was getting bigger at 8pm. I also met with Yuen Cheong who was just finished his work in 1 Utama. Sendhil, Collins and Sook Yee will be arriving later as well.
The MC, Jay and Roshen
Singing Contest DJ, Roshen and Jay were the MCs for the evening. As for the first event of the show, three callers of a came up the stage to sing Marie Digby’s Say it Again. And the crowds were to decide who sang the best.

Marie suddenly walked out from the backstage right before the event started and made the crowd went crazy. Cheers and camera flashing non-stop.

Alas, the winner was the 12 years-old girl and she walked away with a brand new Yamaha Acoustic Guitar which worth quite a lot I guess.

Then Marie returned to the backstage and a group of five Malays came out of nowhere. We thought that they were sesak or something and came to a wrong place at first. Only then the MCs announced that they were actually the Malaysian group who got the 2nd place for an international acapella competition held by Marie Digby. The 1st place goes to Hong Kong. So not bad for Malaysia in a global competition afterall!
They performed an acapella version of Say It Again. It was awesome!

Next was the poster giving (throwing) and the interactive session. Prizes were given out to those who answered the questions by the MCs correctly. Once, the MC asked of the colour the dress that Marie wore for the evening. I was LUCKY enough to be picked by the MC and I was 100% SURE AND VERY CONFIRM WITH THE ANSWER so I shouted: “White..! WHITE!”

“White??! Hey, you colour blind ar?!” the MC replied. “Very close, but NOT white.”

Aww!! Really dissapointed! I was really sure she was wearing white. That’s what I saw with my own eyes earlier when she came out. But only I realized later that she was wearing another grey dress which I couldn’t see other than the white colour top.

Yea, many thanks to the invited guests and press for blocking the below part of my view. -_-" A brand new latest album of Marie Digby gone, just like that…gone…… =(
I want! I want!

Marie performed a few songs on the evening, including her own hit “umbrella”, with the crowds singing along. She played the keyboard and most of all with the guitar. She really has a sweet voice and her smile was like melting everybody, including myself. Some photos:

Marie and her partner, Lance
The event coming to an end
Look at DJ Roshen
From the back

At the end was the autograph session inside the GAP store. The line was so long and therefore I’ve decided to give up, plus I didn’t have anything for her to sign for. Earlier the MCs announced that only her CD and products from GAP that only could be signed. I wanted to get her album after the show at a special price of RM39.90 but it was fully sold out.
Long queue
Taking a peep
Sook Yee saw Adam C in 1U and managed to snap a pic with him

Anyway, it was nice to see her in person and listen to her performing live. I was quite entertained during the whole show and already happy with that. Standing for two and a half hour with the crowd and didn’t had any meal till the end of the event. Well, it’s worth it! =)

ps: while I was surfing for her tour in Singapore which was about 1 week ago, and found out that dress that she wore was a bit, well..more revealing. Hmm, could that be something to do with the Malaysian government?? Just curious…. Hmm.

Event in Singapore earlier

Just too sweet =)
ps 2: found this on youtube. Her thoughts on the Asia tour.

"Malaysians out of control.." =p


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