Saturday, March 21, 2009


SOMETIMES we need to have some privacy. There are many things I would like to blog about but it will be not so nice if I am going to write it here. I guess I have to keep it just for myself and people I feel like sharing with.


Just got back from our dancing class not long ago. Today the instructor (I still have no idea what is his name) taught us all the steps for the Cha Cha Cha dance. That means we are able to dance continuously throughout the music.

One two cha cha cha

However, there are still some that we need to work on, especially on the couple-together-turning part. You could easily mix up the steps especially when the music is fast.
Someone not paying attention =p


This looks nice!

Yesterday, four of us went for the practice session. The instructor wasn't there so we could do it freely on our own. Here are some posing pics of Tiong and Yee Wei:

Eee..don't take!

Who is this guy?

Just another random post. I gotta get back to my studio works. Monday is the pre-submission and I still have quite some things not done yet. Concepts, changes of plans and site layout. I know I have been slacking lately...

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