Saturday, March 07, 2009

One Two Cha Cha Cha

YESTERDAY I went for a social dance class with few of my coursemates. It was Yee Wei, the active girl who initiated this dance thing. Previously I have joined a dancing class before with Khong Jin's uncle but that was just a free trial lesson. Last night there were eight of us so it made up to four couples. For the first class, we learned the cha cha! =)
The dance was scheduled to start at 7pm but slight mishap happened to my car and we were half an hour late for the class. Therefore the instructor asked us to come again and 10.30pm which he specially arranged just for us beginners. That would be an easy start for us rather than joining the existing class.
The dance was not so easy as it looks. First, the instructor taught us some basic step and a while later he moved on to the harder one. After a few workouts all of us were starting to sweat and feeling hot. I thought that the dance studio was gonna have air-conditioned but sadly they only have ceiling fans. Well, for a RM60/month class, I guess that is we could expect.

Yesterday was really an unfortunate day for me. Having flu, late for studio, car ran out of petrol, frustruted with 'species', DiGi sucky line, dinner arriving late and sneezing non-stop while waiting for my food. Suffer man I tell you.

However, after all the bad things which happened to me, I still had a wonderful moment at the end of the day!

It was just...wonderful! ^^

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jen said...

wonderful eh......Ahem =P