Saturday, March 07, 2009

Who Say I Must Be An Architect

FIRST, I was a doctor. My clinic is located in my cubicle at the studio.
Graduated from Harvard *ekhem*
Opening ceremony of the clinic

Sadly, the clinic closed off after a few weeks cuz there were no business. People always come for free medicine and sometimes mess up the doctor's clinic. And the nurse is always nowhere to be seen.

Now the place has changed into a cafe.

Toast bread, kompiang, milo... Whatever you want. =)


the waitress said...

Hope ur coffee shop will last more than 1 month. =P

Jeanjean said...

you are one chi seen dr.jitty.

what you sell ? panadol pancake and cough syrup flavoured coffee?


Cynthia Yong said...

lol~~ this is very interesting. maybe the next job would be loaning blankets and pillows in studio~