Sunday, March 01, 2009

My First Apple Product

I got myself an iPod Nano (third generation) during the Mac+iPod fair in City Square JB two days ago. There will be only 50 units sold per day at a price of RM299 until the fair ends. Seeing it at such a comparably low price (usual price at RM450+), I could not miss the chance of getting one. Moreover, I have always wish to own an iPod since long time ago.

I reached CS around 9.45 in the morning and to my surprise there wasn't any queue at all. I thought that lots of people would be queuing up for this kind of promotion. So I must be either early on that day, or not many know about the promotion yet. Or it could be that the iPod Touch is everybody's favourite now and nobody is keen on getting a nano.
The package come just like that. Like a cassatte.

But anyway I got what I wanted! =) There is only one colour for a 4GB capacity - silver. I am not a song freak therefore 4GB is quite sufficient for me already. Right now there is about 600+ songs in my iPod and it still left about 35-40% of empty space. I have yet to put in any videos because it requires an MP4 format so I need to first find a video converter. Any recommendation?
Music, videos, photos, and some games in it

However there is one thing about iPod. Since it is an Apple product, I have to download and install iTunes in order to transfer my songs from the PC to the player. You cannot just drag and drop like any other MP3 players. iTunes will help to organise each of every song into specific albums before synchronize them all together. Therefore I am now still in the midst of exploring it.
Look how slimmm it is

To prevent the iPod from being scratched I bought a casing to put on it. The normal price of a casing would be RM50+ but it is only RM10 during the fair. I quickly grabbed two of them. One silicon (soft) and another cystal case (hard). There are many colours to choose from.

Apple has always come out with cool navigation features to impress people and for this iPod, I like its click wheel ALOT. By sliding my finger across the wheel I can navigate through the menu and to control the volumn. Haha. I always love to syok sendiri with that.
That is not my wallpaper ok

To those who are interested, I've found a link which to show how the click wheel works in iPod.

So I guess it is time to say bye-bye to my old 512MB MP4 player I bought three years ago, which cost about the same price as this iPod.
Like what they always say: '久的不去,新的不来'


Cynthia Yong said...

thats a very nice thing u got for yourself! enjoy ur new baby!!

yojimbo512 said...

yo, dude. welcome to da club! btw, what's junhua doin in ther... -.-|||

siens said...

wao a confidence prove u r..... =))