Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pet Society Furniture

THERE was a time when many of my course mates were addicted to the Pet Society application from Facebook. I was the one of them as well. Everyday we shower our pets, feed them, bring them for a house visit, go for races in the stadium, buy gifts for them and the list goes on.

If you play that for quite some time, you might find this cute little egg-liked chair shown below familiar. It is one of expensive item selling in the shop.

That's my pet, Jitty in Dayvi's house

And two days ago when my workbase were visiting around some show houses around JB, we saw a chair which look exactly like the one in Pet Society.

..except that this one is hanging from the top

Me, Han Chee and Jenny especially were so excited to see the egg-shaped chair and couldn't resist to take as many photos with it. Normally cameras are not allowed in show houses but well, in this case we didn't care much. The chair is waaay too cute and rare!

I can even hug it. Like a dinosaur egg!

Lastly, a group photo of the family with the new-born baby.
Weird, the daughter is born with her clothes on already.

*photo credit to Jim's DSLR*


the baby..wuek said...

so fast jiu blog abt it liao...haiyor

Cynthia Yong said...

hhaha..this is cute~

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