Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's Inside

AFTER the birthday dinner and celebration, there were some people asking me:

"Hey, wat u got for ur birthday?"
"Eh, tat day they give u the present, wat's inside ar?"
'Open and see the present la.'
Hei, got how many presents? Can share with me?
'Tell la. Show me wat u got tat day?'

I did receive birthday wishes via SMS and MCS (Mouth Communication Service), cards and presents from friends. Some I received early. Most of them on that day. And there were some of them who told me that they will give it to me after the STPM exams. Hmm...

Anyway, here are some of the presents that I received:

This t-shirt from Body Glove is from Pik Shen, Mei Shan, Bee Kee and Lai Kuan.


This is from Chia Sheng and Siew Ki. A nice orange colour T-Shirt.


Another t-shirt, from Perry, Shao Jin, Wai Luen, Chin Hwa and Wen Wen. Noticed what it says?


A pouch from Jian Fai, Sharon, Wen Chi and Pauline. I spent the longest time opening this present compare to the others...

...and this is the reason why.


To my suprise, Khong Jin, Prisaana, Yee Mei and Randy gave a set of Winter Sonata VCD! I actually thought of buying that since a long time ago.


Marc's bookmark present. It is actually made of wood and the buildings patterns on it were sculptured by using laser.


My FIRST EVER underwear gift, from Kah Lok and Kai Pyn. I wonder did they try it first. By the way it is 100% cotton.


Another underwear, from Nicholas and Lee Keng. With this Fire Fighter triangular-shaped pants I can help to put off fire without fail at anytime, anywhere.


Yi Yang gave me the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. He attended Anthony's seminar in Australia and found it quite effective. I seriously need LOTS of power for my exams this time.


Toblerone from Ernest. Need me to explain more?


Finally, candies from Collins, Yuen Cheong, Saha, Taw Jin, Lup Kee, Choon Teng and Pauline (again). However there was something very odd standing among them.

I'll keep it for emergency. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Night to Remember

LAST Saturday was my birthday eve. My friends and I planned to have steamboat/BBQ dinner at Restoran Talipon in Pandan Perdana. The dinner was planned to start at 8pm so Khong Jin came to my house first at 7.30pm then he followed me there as he did not know the place.
A total of 5 tables

We reached there first. A while later Shao Jin and Hon-En arrived. Then my primary schoolmate, Yi Yang. Followed by the rest of them (Jian Fai, Lup Kee, Wai Luen, Collins, Yuen Cheong, Choon Teng, Taw Jin, Perry, Kah Lok, Kai Pyn, Pik Shen, Jia Hao, Randy, Yee Mei, Chia Sheng, Siew Ki, Chin Hwa, Kelvin and Yu Jian). And also a special guest--Wen Wen! She's one year elder than me and was studying in MBS too.
Meet Wen Wen
We were free to choose any dishes that we like. There were crab, prawn, sotong, fish, chicken, beef, meatball, ba gua, ham, sausage, egg, vegetables etc. Almost anything you can find from a steamboat/BBQ dish. However, a fine of RM5 will be charge for every 100g of food that we do not finish.
"Come, let's eat"

"I want satay celup"
Yum yum
"Hey, people eating la"
"You want some more?"
"Which one should I choose?"
"Mou dak deng (delicious)"

L-R: Yee Mei, Siew Ki, Kai Pyn, ME, Pik Shen, Wen Wen
Later at about 10pm, Ernest and Lee Keng arrived. I was kind of suprised because Lee Keng called earlier and said that she couldn't make it. Anyway we chat for a while and took some pics. There were also ice-cream to eat.
Ernest (left) and Lee Keng
At 11pm, we headed to Caramba (an open-air coffee house) which is just nearby because the restoran is going to close and the we still left the cake cutting ceremony. Unfortunately it wasn't there anymore when we reached there. I think either the DBKL (KL City Council) closed it down for not paying the tax or it was closed because they spent too much money paying tax to the DBKL. So we decided to go to Station 1 Mutiara. That place is always crowded with people who only orders a glass of Mocha Chips or Jasmine tea and spend the whole night chatting and laughing until early morning. Anyway I had to dropped Khong Jin at my house first to get his car. Pik Shen followed too so I suggested that I should take a very long and a jammed way to reach there. Then she'll be the first person to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hehe. But i din't la. If not by the time I reach Station 1 it will be about 2am and I'm sure I will be badly beaten up. But we were still the latest because..well, VIP don't have to be so punctual, according to Malaysian. =p
"Are we ready for the meeting?"
"No, the secretary hasn't arrive"
When we reach there, the table was nicely arranged as if I was going to have a tele conference with Bush. I ordered an Iced Coffee just to make sure that I won't fall asleep later when cutting the cake halfway. There we took some pictures and talked a bit here and there.
The fufets
When 12am reached, the lights were turned off and the birthday song was sung. Shuba called me at that time and wish me birthday. Everyone was waiting for me (and also the cake). I made two wishes and then blew the candle..for a few times. Every time after a birthday boy blows the candle, he will have to take the candles off the cake. Collins came out with this 'wonderful' idea that I pull the candle off from the side of the cake with my mouth. And I followed.

" cake"

"Hey Bush, can we chat later? I've got a candle to blow now"

I repeat, this cake is MINE!
I am going to eat you up
"Excuse me, I never say this is for you"
I noticed this potrait in the toilet. It was actually hanging right in front of the toilet bowl.

Having problem while doing your business? Hope this helps
We left at 1pm and I had a great time. Thanks to all you guys (and girls) who attended this special day. Thanks to Perry and Khong for planning and asking people to come. Thanks to Bush for calling.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I'M sorry I haven't been blogging for so many days. I am kind of busy these few days. And currently feeling a bit of headache. I have to get enough rest. This coming Thursday is our school Graduation Day. I hope I'll be able to share with u guys (and girls) on that soon. Well, just hope that I can blog ASAP.

See ya soon!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fire Alert

As I was on the way rushing to the toilet in school today, the school bell rang for a short while...

It rang again..

Then again..

And again.

During yesteday's assembly we were notified that there will be a fire drill at anytime of these days. I knew that was the moment. Students were rushing out of the classes and labs. They seemed to be very excited.
Yeah~ No lesson!
While we were all staying at the assembly ground and teachers taking attendance. I saw one boy carrying his bag along. I wondered why didn't he just run out of the school as quickly as pssible and take a bus home to keep his bag in his air-sealed locker before hiding it under the bed.

"This is NOT a rocket!"
A team of officers and fire brigades from the Hang Tuah Fire Department came. An officer named En Mohd. gave his speech and was glad that the school is finally 'burned' down we performed the drill perfectly. However he said that it would be best if we all gather at the assembly area in 3 minutes time. We took around 7 minutes unfortunlately. Then a speech and introduction of how to use the fire extinguisher was given by another officer. The weather was hot (although it just rained in the morning) and students were waiting impatiently for the fire fighting demonstration which was coming up next.
First members of the fire brigade started a fire in a steel container. Then one member demonstrated on how to extinguish the fire with his qi gong the fire extinguisher. Mr Gopal, Cik Saratha and Mr Wong (pur principal) were later asked to try it themself.
Mr Gopal: "Let me do it."

Cik Saratha: "You think female can't shoot this thing?"

Mr Wong: "Easy job"
Next was the students' turn.
"Here I come to save the day"
"Give me a cheer!"
"Go die, fire"
There were a few moments when the wind was blowing in our direction, the smoke and the discharge (from the fire exthinguisher) were coming towards us.

I was happy that the session was finally over. I was able to continue what I wanted to do just now.

Moral of the story:
Never choose to go toilet when you know fire drill is around.