Monday, June 30, 2008


I was watching this with Kar Hsin the other day at Pavilion.

Explosions, car chases (and doing flips even), shooting, slashing and lots of bloods. This what the movie is about. In the movie, these people don't shoot properly. Their sifu never teach them how to shoot a bullet straight. But instead, they curve their bullets.

These people called themselves the Fraternity, and this secret society was formed back in historical time of 2000 years ago. Scottish actor James McAvoy (Atonement, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) plays Wesley Gibson, who is a young accountant always keep bullied by his boss, best friend and girlfriend.
One day he was recruited into the Fraternity and trained to be an assassin. This guy however learned about the organization background and discovered something that has been hidden all these while.
Oh yeah, he has superpower too. Not that kind of Superman flying skill but it is actually his over-anxiety illness which somehow gives him the adrenaline and with that he could slow down the time and able to catch/avoid things in super fast speed.

See how this young office boy is to become an immorality assassin. And all the never-you-can-predict action he does with Angelina Jolie. Well, this is also the first time I see Angelina so sexy and pretty in a way. As a mother of four (and the fifth one soon), she is still kicking-ass. Not only she curves the bullet, she has the curve too.

Morgan Freeman plays the taiko of this society and interprets the killing order given by, apparently a cloth spinning machine. I know it sounds wierd. So these kakis under him were to kill according to the orders given.
What can I say? Go catch it in cinema now if you enjoy gun shooting and big explosions. Also check out the car stunt. It is really one of a kind. I rate 8/10 for the show and for all the actions.
Beware of rats... =p

The Birthday Month

Just got back from yamcha session with my high school mates. Also to celebrate Yee Mei’s 22nd birthday. Her birthday marks the end of the birthday season in June. I didn’t attend many though, except for hers and Jason’s cuz I was in Negeri Sembilan for my holiday assignment.
Once again, happy birthday!

I still remember when we all of us were in secondary school, this is the time where we would be forking out a lot of money for the gifts and meals. First we have Sendhil’s birthday on the 30th of May. Followed by Shao Jin’s on the 31st.

Then in June we have:
1st June - Sharon
9th June - Perry
11th June - Khong Jin
16th June - Randy
18th June- Chia Sheng
25th June - Lai Kuan
26th June - Pik Shen
29th June - Yee Mei

And July:
4th July - Collins
6th July - Jian Fai
7th July - Chin Hwa
11th July - Siew Ki

Furthermore all the dates are almost close to each other. I wonder if all the parents planned it earlier or what. Imagine AT LEAST RM10 for present + a meal + cake…

However, things are different when I come to UTM. Most of my course mates including myself have our birthdays at the end of the year. On October itself there are eight of us:

1st Oct – Lim
7th Oct – David
9th Oct – Hui San
10th Oct – Jenny
18th Oct – Chin Keng
23rd Oct – Tiong and me
29th Oct – Ala

And three more in November…
2nd Nov – Han Chee
15th Nov – Jean
23rd Nov – Sing Ning

So during one of a lecture class, I have done an analysis graph myself.

Time wasting =p

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rebranding Lot 10

Today met up with Kar Hsin for a movie. While on the way to Pavilion, I stopped by at Lot 10 as there was an small event that caught my attention.

The Existing Lot 10 shopping mall

The Managing Director of YTL Corp, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh was there to launch a rebranding of the mall. In his speech, he explained about how KL is going to become a world class city and compare to cities nearby such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and even Jakarta, much still need to catch up in our KL.

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh

Anybody knows how Bintang Walk came about? According the him, the origin idea of the walkway is to linked up Starhill and Lot 10. And what happened at today, the street has become one of the tourist spot in KL and also a happening area in the Golden Triangle.

Map of Bukit Bintang area
After 18 years of standing at the junction of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail, Lot 10 is going to have a facelift and its new look will be completed by the end of 2008. After his speech, there was a short presentation to the guests on how Lot 10 will look like after the refurbishment. I was kinda impressed by the whole idea of renovation and the concept of green in the city.
Part of Bintang Walk

The façade would still be in green but replaced with a special wall that glows at night. The entrance will be turned in a double volume space and at the side of the mall there will be a space for digital media such as advertisement, announcements or any other display to be view from the street of Bukit Bintang.

Bukit Bintang
There will be an electronic media canopy in an organic form at the entrance that will shows colourful display. Many of these ideas were actually referred from cities such as Singapore and Tokyo.
Ginza district, Tokyo

Also, Lot 10 will have a green roof at the top and I suppose it is the first in Malaysia. There will be gymnasiums, signature bars and dining restaurant. Creating green spaces in the city is the idea of this concept. Public can take a walk or enjoy a view at a different standpoint on the rooftop. All these that are proposed convinced me that, well...KL is not bad after all. It just need some time.
Example of green roof
I can’t wait to check out the new Lot 10 in December. ;)

*All photos above are from Google Images

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be Smart. Get Smart

YESTERDAY Choon Wah and I met up for a movie at Times Square. Khong Jin and Marc couldn’t make it cuz they had something on. It’s been a while I never catch up with movies in cinema despite so many new movies up in the theater. The last one was ‘Superheroes’ with Perry and Khong Jin.

Anyway, we watched ‘Get Smart’ yesterday. It is a James Bond agent-like movie but added with laughter as you can see in the movie poster. Basically it is something like ‘Johnny English’...and I still prefer the Rowan Atkinson’s version.
'Get Smart' is actually an adaption of the TV series of the same name which aired during the 1960s.
The earlier version of 'Get Smart'
Funny guy Steve Carrell plays an office boy turn agent in this show, pairing up with the gorgeous Anne Hathaway. OMG! What can I say, she has really grown up since ‘The Princess Dairies’. Really do turn me up during the whole show. =p She is pretty, sexy, and killing! Check out the scene where she crosses the hallway filled with laser beam detector.
Anne Hathaway as Agent 99

Ok, back to Carrell. He is typically funny just as in ‘The 40 year old virgin’ and ‘Evan Almighty’. With the tie and suit he wears, he does look like Mr Bean in certain part of the movie.
Agent 86

And Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock plays a supporting role as another agent. As how as he is look, he is always the tough and macho one. But there is an element of surprise. *wink*
Agent 23

Talking about surprise, I was shocked to see Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura from the ‘Heroes’ drama series) appearing in the show, and also ‘Las Vegas’’ James Caan playing the pre-si-dent.
Lloyd and Bruce the gadgets inventor
Haha. If you guys watched Borat, you might recognize this guy (on the left) in the show:
The fat guy in Borat
Just like almost other secret agent show, this movie started off when the terrorist steals a nuclear weapon and threaten the US goverment. So these agents were sent to save the world. You know, good guys fight bad guys. Things like that.

I do enjoy a great laugh during the show. RM7 for a ticket, I must say it’s quite worth it. Go watch if you want some entertainment plus abit of action. And see Anne Hathway *phew wit* =p

I rate 7.5/10.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'B'lease Understand

WHY do you always have to recall back what has happened so long ago? Why is it that you are not satisfied with anything and everything? It appears that YOU are the only one who lives a terrible live. You are always the innocent one. Right? I’m not saying that you are correct of your thinking. And I am not saying who is right or wrong. Maybe in certain ways you were right. So? What you wanna prove and tell everyone in our batch? You want them to ‘oh sorry B..we were wrong’, ‘It was my fault blah blah blah’, ‘I shouldn’t started it’ etc. And the list goes on…

Come on? What is wrong? I know they gave you a hard time before but that was like sooo many freaking months ago. Almost a year I suppose. Do you realize how much pressure you are giving me as well? I tried to stand by you and told you no to care so much about what other people said. Every time when you sought me to your problem, I will ask you to look at the positive side. Nobody wants to be enemy with you forever. I tried to give you some solutions and you always complain that I’m not you, so I won’t understand. Then why find me at the first place? F*** la. Go find a psychologist then!!

Isn’t it nice when we both talk about something else. Something nice and happy. Not that I wana avoid matters. I just don’t know what to do sometimes. And I know I always tell you the same thing again and again. That’s why you are piss off I guess. Everytime when you approach me with these sort of problems, I will like ‘Oh shit, what do I wana say this time?’ Sometimes I really feel that we are getting apart…slowly…….

So let me tell you ONCE again. Do not care what others think of you and how they look at you. You just move on with whatever you have right. Live a happy life and try keep those troubles away. If you are nice to the others, they won’t wana be harm to you. Some things just need time to cure. Don’t rush k! And yup, this is life. How cruel it can be to you sometimes. I believe all of us also have our own problems. Including myself. Don’t just because of you, all of us get suffer.

I think you’ll need some time. Look at the brighter sight of your life ;)

Holiday Assignment

Hi there!

How are you doing? Im fine here. ^^ I just got back from Negeri Sembilan last Wednesday, at last!! Took me some days to settle down. We actually spent two weeks instead of three for our measured drawing in Negeri Sembilan . Hehe. That’s good news!

Well, the project was quite tiring but satisfying la. As we are following the keluarga angkat program, all of us were distributed randomly among the kampong houses. The place that we went was Seri Menanti. And within Seri Menanti there are many many smaller kampungs. The one that my group stayed is called Kg Gunung Pasir, which was far away from the others, and also furthest away from the hall that we were to gather for lunch and dinner and other social activities.
A small lovely small kampong

They are five of us in a group. The guys actually stayed in the Ketua Kampong (of Gunung Pasir) house and the gals stayed at his elder sister house nearby. Can see that the ketua kampong is quite well-to-do la. He has prawn ponds at the backyard of the house and the view was simply great. Surrounded by mountains and trees. Along the way to his house we passed by many fruits farms.
Our house
At the backyard
Water from the hill. Cold~
That's our father, Pakcik Shamsuddin catching prawns
The place where the gals stayed

In the morning at about 8 something, I still could see mists and the weather was freaking cold. It is a very rare sight for me in KL. But then the wasn’t any water heater for a hot shower =( Apart from prawns, our foster family also rears chicken and goats. There are also ducks and two turkeys at the neighbour's house.
Look at the mist, cloud, or whatever u call that
Ownself KFC
Turkey and lamp chop anytime =p
During night, we don’t have to sleep in our sleeping bags cuz they have beds. Hehe. But after I found out that their cats used to sleep on the bed when we weren’t there, I still used my sleeping bag on the bed. Hehe. The Malays like the cats so much. There are three in the house. They name them Hitam, J.Lo and Sayang. Hee..what a name. And they feed them on whiskers. Ahh.. This explains why the cats looks so fat and pampered.
Shar playing with one of the cats
Our room
Breakfasts were prepared by our family every morning before we leave the house. Sometimes they bought nasi lemak, sometimes some kuih and karipap, and sometimes the mum goreng nasi for us.
Small durians. Fruits season's in August!
Having some fun out there
As for lunch and dinner, we had our meals in the hall. The food are average. At least we don’t have to use our hands to eat eventhough I brought spoons there. =p Chicken and ulam were on everyday’s menu. Sometimes we would have fish, vegetables, potato, egg, curry etc. And fruits after meal. So that’s the time where all of us could gather and tell their sides of stories about the family and rumah kajian.
Doing our work in the serambi area
Foldable Ridsect. It really helped!
For our rumah kajian, each group were given a Malay traditional house (or surau) located close to the place that we stayed.

During the house visit

My group got a very, very old house. Not only that it is old, it is abandoned and some parts of it were already in bad condition. Some floors and walls were torn down. No electricity. Dust everywhere. But the house still stay strong on its structure. And our house was the only house located in the woods. When we first walked into the house, honestly, it crept us out.
There is a story here...
The house once owned by Dato' Laksaman Salleh, or To' La Salleh
It was built and extended by himself
Me, Sufian, Piqa, Shar and Choon Wah
The site was more like a isolated area, surrounded by trees and semak. From the main road, you’ll never realized there is an ancient house inside as it is quite covered. And the house was totally inaccessible after the last owner left the house at least 50 years ago . It looked very much like Angkor Wat when the first time the lecturer brought us to the house.

Around our site
The house is located right inside here
See it?
Angkor Wat alike
Some creatures/stuff

On the first day, we had to clear the lalang and grass around the site. Only after that we felt the house was at least brighter. But one thing all of us really hate about our site was, MOSQUITO!!! They are everywhere! Therefore every time before we enter the site, we have to apply mosquito repellent and burn some egg crates to keep the mosquito away.
Before it was cleared
And after...!!
When there was smoke, there won’t be mosquito.
It brings out the feel
Some pics inside the house:
The serambi area
Rumah Ibu
Hehe. Signing in..
The wooden staircase
Loteng (attic). There were some bats up there
Piqa and Sufian
Choon Wah and Shar
___ Next Top Model Photo Shoot
All of us
Some items found inside the house:
Old Coke and F&N bottle
Baby shirt
Oil lamp
Plates and Al-Quran in pieces
Handbag and old passports
Choon Wah found a very old group photo on top of a cupboard.
Very mystery feel..
One of the fella *respect* guy there is To' La Salleh

Measuring the building was one part of the project. The other part that we were supposed to do is to find out about the history of the house. So we had to ask around the neighbour, which then showed us to the relatives of the ex-owner of the house. We even went as far as to Seremban and Kuala Pilah to track them down and interview some of them. Many to do within the two weeks. Or else, we will have to come back again if the information is not sufficient for the report and drawings.

In Seremban

Interviewing daughter of the To' La Salleh

Some site work:

Taking down important details
Rubbing on the decoratives
And some people just crap around

I hope I didn’t bored you with my stories here. Like essay writing already. Hehe. I’ll attach some photos for u to see la. Twoooo more weeks before new sem begins. Wuu… Dunno should feel glad or sad. Anyway, I’ll see u again k. Keep in touch!! Tata for now ;)

Group 'Terlebih Sudah'. Opps..