Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It is Her

FEW hours ago,

I met her during a friend's party.

It was really her!

Have not seen her for so long.

Feeling one kind.

Feeling so weird.

It was like the first time I saw her 6 years ago.

I used to rush to the LRT right after school.

Just to get a glimsp of her on the early train.

After 6 years,

She still look almost the same.

Not much difference, except for a longer hair.

And a prettier her =)


my first crush during the secondary school time

Thursday, May 25, 2006

All Ready

I will be at the East Coast during the weekends. Beach, sea, sand, corals, fishes, sharks, turtles, bikinis are what I am waiting for to see while at Redang.
Redang Island, renowned for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters.
Went there during the last August and it attracted my family and I so much that we decided to visit there again this year, with some other relatives.
One of the activities not to be missed over there is snorkelling.
Even 60 years old ah ma could be seen enjoying feeding and viewing the fishes.
If there is a chance, do not miss the chance to scuba dive! It is really a wonder experience as you will get to make the breathing sound of Darth Vader explore into another part of the our planet and looking at the world from the other dimension.
Who knows maybe you discover another way to the USA. Hehe

Mermaids search
What about those who do not like to get down into the sea? Well, they can try these...
If Robinson Crusoe could survived, why not me?
...or this

Last year, we spent the nights at the Redang Reef Resort and this time we are going to the Laguna Redang Island Resort! A better, bigger one..
The movie "Summer Holiday" which was filmed there couple of years ago made the resort famous.
Redang Reef Resort
Laguna Redang Island Resort
The Mo Mo Tea Inn from Summer Holiday
The two resorts are actually just next to each other, linked by a wooden bridge.
Wonder if these photos are still there after 9 months since I left Redang.
Has anyone seen this while you were there?

Anyway hope to see you there again, Nemo! =)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

만녕 하세요 3

3rd February 2004 

Went to meet Inah at 9am then had breakfast at one of the coffee shop below the hotel. It was the first time she tasted the kaya pao.

After the breakfast we headed to KLCC by monorail and LRT. Once there, we went to collect the skybridge visit pass from the counter. It is free of charge but tickets are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

The visiting time we got was 12pm and since it was still early, we went for a walk at Suria KLCC and the park outside. When it was about time, we gathered at the basement and there was a guide bringing us up to the 41st floor by the express elevator. Then we were given 10 minutes of time to enjoy the view and to snap photos on the South Korea-made bridge at 170m above the street levels. 
Me with Inah
After that we took LRT to Masjid Jamek and walked to Puduraya Bus Terminal to get the Genting Highlands bus tickets for the next day. As it was lunch time, I brought Inah to eat char siew rice nearby Chinatown  Since my school is just nearby, I brought her there and showed her around.

On the day, the weather was freaking hot! We had a cool refreshing air mata kucing drink at Chinatown then went to Sin Ma Kotaraya to buy a Korean movie VCD. Inah recommended [My Tutor Friend].

From there we then walked to Dataran Merdeka, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the Masjid Jamek. We also visited the National History Muzuem, which was my first time also. After a long walking distance we rested a while at the Masjid Jamek McD's before taking a bus to send Inah back at Bukit Bintang.

At night, I asked Khong Jin out to join us for dinner. We met up with Inah outside the Bukit Bintang KFC and she brought along her new Korean friends who were staying next to her room. They just got to know each other the night before. The two Koreans are actually sisters, Hyu Jin and Hyu Jung. They were already been in Malaysia for quite some days.
Me, KJ, the Korean sisters
We walked to TGI Friday's (the one on Jalan Sultan Ismail) from the hotel for dinner. The Korean girls gave Khong Jin and I a treat! It was a nice and enjoyable moment at there.

After meal we went for a walk at Bukit Bintang. Khong Jin and I went back by LRT after sending the girls back to the hotel. What a nice but tiring day!

Well, I am happy at least. And the next day was even happier! =D

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

만녕 하세요 2

2nd February 2004

It was raining in the morning. Dad fetched sis and I to the backpacker hostel where Inah stayed the night before. She already checked out the place and brought along all her luggage.

First, we looked for a budget hotel in the Bukit Bintang area came to this Town View Inn. It is located at Jalan Alor, not far from the Bintang Walk. The environment was far much better than the one in Puduraya. For about RM60, you'll have a windowed room, with own bathroom and a bed, of course. Plus, there are many eating places just right below. The receptionist told us that there were two Korean girls also staying just right beside Inah's room. Perhaps they could meet up if they want to.

After she checked into the room, dad brought all of us for breakfast at Ah Koong Fishball Noodle Soup in Pudu. We had kuey teow soup and dried noodle etc.

Then dad drove us to the new Admistrator Centre of the Federal Government of Malaysia - Putrajaya. There wasn't many cars and people as it was a newly developed site at that time. There are mainly government buildings including the Prime Minister's Office. And the bridges there were nicely designed.

We also visited the Putra Mosque. Inah and my sis were required to wear the pink robes when they entered to mosque, for religion custom purpose.

After visiting Putrajaya, we went back to KL and went to Central Market. Visitors like Inah will get to see a variety of stalls selling all kind of merchandise such as personalised T-shirts, handicrafts, portrait artists and souvenirs.

Inah got herself a 'Welcome to Malaysia' T-shirt and dad bought her a mini model of the Petronas Twin Tower, as a souvenir.

Next, dad brought us to the National Muzuem. I have not been there for like n years already. I think I wouldn't be going there if Inah didn't come to KL.

We went home back to pick mum up after visiting the museum and invited Inah to come our house but she was kinda reluctant to enter. Too shy I guess. So we went to Esquire Kitchen in Sg. Wang for lunch together.

There were some difficulties between our conversation. We are so used to Manglish and Inah speaks Korean as her first language. Therefore it took us some time for to figure out what we were trying to say. Haha. After the meal it was already four something so I sent Inah back hotel to rest before heading went home. 

At 9pm, waited for Inah at the hotel lobby then went for a walk together at Bukit Bintang. There wasn't so many people at that time. I believe Seoul is much more happening and crowded than here. Probably it wasn't holiday season in Malaysia there the area seemed to look a bit dull.

We then walked Berjaya Times Square and it reminded her of Lottle World in Seoul. We had a drink and some chat in BB Walk. She was having headache and a feeling a little drunk after that I sent her back to the hotel.

to be continued...

만녕 하세요 1

TWO days ago, Inah onlined! I seldom could see her online nowadays and did not chat with her for months on MSN.

I got to know her through ICQ on the year 2003. It was 3 years back. I was boring at that time so looked for somebody to chat with. I still remember that I searched for a random female online user from South Korea in the search box and that was how I found and added Inah.

At first we just chatted for awhile. Thinking that it would just be like a normal hi-and-bye-friend. (Not the other hai and bai). As time went by, we chatted got to know each other and our country/culture more.

However at that time I did not expect that the click on the 'Search' button would ended up to a long distance relationfriendship. We even got the chance to meet each other!

It was until the end of 2004 when Inah said that she would be travelling to Thailand, and then to Malaysia, on the following year. I felt so excited that finally we got the opportunity meet. (I think she felt the same too). Hehe.

We chatted and discussed about plans when she comes to KL on ICQ, then MSN. She told me that she would be going to Thailand with her friends before coming down to Malaysia by bus, alone.

On the night of 1st February 2004, Randy, Perry and Chia Sheng came to my house. We were still waiting for our Form 6 entrance at that time. At first we planned to go for yumcha, not until I received a suprise phone call from Inah. I was REALLY suprised+shocked+happy, thinking that she will only arrive on the next day.

She was lucky to find a samaritan who helped her to make the phone call. (KL is never been 100% safe anyway) My parents fetched me there as they wanted to meet her too. You know, parents worrying about children meeting someone whom he/she never met before. My three friends followed along too.

Inah asked to meet at the 7-Eleven opposite the Puduraya Bus Terminal. I tried to look and recognize her face that I have only seen on the photos she sent. After awhile...there she was!!! The man who helped her earlier was kind enough to accompany her until she found the person that she was waiting - ME.

After greeting each other and introducing my parents to her, we went to the KFC restaurant beside to settle down. She brought a Malaysia Guildbook in Korean and asked my about the plans and places to visit in the next three days. She would not be staying long in KL.

My dad requested her to change the place that she was staying to a much better one. She was staying at the Puduraya Hostel (above the 7-Eleven) on the night she arrived. Anyway, after the drink at the KFC, she headed back to the hostel and we went back home as it was kinda late already. I couldn't wait for the sun to rise on the next day =D

more to come...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Haircut

TODAY is a typical boring Sunday. The weather is cool after a heavy downpour last night. A SMS woke me up at 9 in the morning. Mum and dad went to Petaling Street to have breakfast. While waiting for them to ta pao my breakfast back, read the newspaper and then online.

Then sister wanted to use to computer, so I played the piano. Haven't touch the keyboard for don't know how many weeks! And I could hardly play a smooth continous song =/

Had two pieces of bread for lunch then watched National Geographic on TV. They were showing how the Petronas Twin Towers were built. I enjoyed the show.

At the same time, online, chat and blogged. Suddenly decided want to cut my hair since it is already long and today is the only day I will be free.

Mum suggested I go to Avenue K where there is this 10 mintunes haircut for only RM13. So I decided to give it a try.

While on the way to the Pandan Indah LRT station at 4.45pm, saw one man sitting by the big longkang...FISHING!

Got down at the KLCC station, headed to the barber shop, called EC Cut. There were no customers inside. A lady barber helped to cut my hair. I don't mind if she take more than 10 minutes to cut my hair, as long as my hair looks fine. After the haircut she gave me to keep the comb that she used for my haircut.
Before the haircut
After that walked in KLCC, joined the crowd, looked at stuff etc. Bought breads from Delifrance. 3 pieces for only RM5! Then went into Isetan. Discounts could be seen everywhere. 10%, 20%, 50%...
So I bought myself a Wrangler jeans. From RM99 -> RM49.50. Fifty percent less!! Wanted to get the Lee Cooper but tat one costs RM15 more.
Before going back, bought a copy of KLue magazine at the newstand. Kenny Sia is in it!
When reached Pandan Indah station at 7.15pm, I still could see that guy sitting by the drain waiting for the fish to be hooked.
Last but not least, my new haircut!
Suprise! ;)

OH! The Best

THIS is not a post about my parents' wedding, nor a funeral ceromony post about someone who had just passed away.
Last Friday was Mrs Oh (yes is Oh, not Ho) retirement day. She was our form 6 Mathematics teacher. On that day, 11 of us (Wai Luen, Lup Kee, Choon Wah, Loong Ping, Jian Fai, Ann Hong, Chia Sheng, Perry, Mun Seong, Marc and I) attended her special day in MBS.

Khong Jin came for awhile in the morning and he left for his French language class.

We sat and joined the students on the terrace to watch the performance while waiting for Marc and Choon Wah to come. As usual there were drama sketch, choir and singing performance by the talented students of MBS *wink wink*
Galvin Moh as Mrs Oh
Prefect doing spot check - Typical routine during this kind of function in school
Some time later Marc and Choon Wah arrived with the souveniers that we planned to give to Mrs Oh.

It was a caricacture of Mrs Oh drawn by Choon Wah and a bouquet of paper roses also done by Choon Wah! I can't denied that all Tans are so talented =p
Can you believe they are made of papers?
Hey since when your head became so big?
"Lovely flowers for my lovely teacher"
Later was the presents and souveniers presentation session. All the clubs and societies representatives went to give their gifts to Mrs Oh. We (Science 3 class) was the last to go down and also the longest to stay down there.
"You better don't mess with this smart old lady, young man!"
"What did I say just now? I was just talking nonsense only"
ONLY 1/3 of of the U6S3 year 2005
Jit Ming: "Happy retirement Mrs Oh!"
Choon Wah: "Hey jit ming that's my drawing la, tak tau malu"
After that, Mrs Oh wanted to give all of us a hug as a sign of appreciation. One by one we went to her and gave her a paiseh hug. Hehe
Mrs Oh: " still owe me some homework, remember?"
"You have grown up to liao"
"And you have very much grown up too!"
We then explored around the new block of the schhol which we didn't have the chance to use. Everything is new. The classrooms, toilets, staff room, library, counsellor room etc. There is also a Girls' Room. Since when MBS has that room? And excatly what it is for?
Do not peep. Girls changing inside
The staff room waiting area
The new block
The library
I met my librarian juniors, Choy Choo and Sze Sze. I was the one who brought them to join the librarian board last year. Choy Choo asked me to do a short survey. When I requested to 拍相 (pai xiang) with them, Sze Sze corrected me that it is called 拍照 (pai zhao).
*Paiseh* My level of mandarin has really been dropping.
With CC (left)and SS
At the end of the day, Mrs Oh was escorted out of the school in a Mercedes Benz S320.
PS: Try to look at the side story happened on that day.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


FINALLY I got myself a new pair of spectacles. I always wanted to change a new one since months ago but sometimes I think that it is better not to spend much on this uneccesary stuff first.

Not until last week, my specs finally broke. I must have left it beside me when I was sleeping at night and when I woke up the next day. It became... that!
Lucky the broken glass didn't cut or get into my eyes. And thank God I didn't swallow the piece while was talking during my dreams!
On Monday I went to the optical shop to get a new pair of glasses for myself. After trying some of the display glasses and adjusting it to my typical handsome look on the mirror, I've chosen this one!Tada!!
Since the optical shop boss knows my mum (she used to babysit after his kid last time), he gave me the price for only RM180.
Right after collecting the glasses the following day, feeling excited and took some photos of it.
After taking a few shots, I ended up shooting for non-stop. I got hook up of using the macro mode (to take photos of close objects). There are so many techniques to capture the pictures.

Close shot
Very close shot
Front sharp. Back blur
Front Blur. Back sharp
The new deisgn of glass-made-see-tru bra..oopps!

Personally I like this pic the most
久的不去,新的不来 (Old no go, new no come = Every new things will never come until the old ones go away)
Say 'Hi' to my new bra specs! =]