Wednesday, October 29, 2008


STUDIO assesment is in two days and here I am talking crap again. Basically I have done 90% of what I'm supposed to show on Friday. Just left a bit more of my conceptual sheet and a night view perspective. I don't like to do the conceptual cuz it's all crap. I'll just dump what we have from our site analysis and schmetic into it and that's all.


While we were having our english 'disscusion' just now, Jean drew a circle on my palm. That's the size of her Mika Mouse. See how big her hamster has grown:
Talk to the hand


I had a romantic steak dinner with my room mate at the Mama Chop Papa Grill. Ordered a laaaamb chop and I suppose it is my first time trying it. Normally when I go to such places I'll either order chicken or fish 'n' chip so this time I wanted to try something else. =)

In case you are wondering are we celebrating for anything?

Nope. It just that we didn't have anything for lunch so wanted to have something full. My first time to Papa Mama too. The thing that attracted me the most is the food in the menu. Haha. The food are average and not too expensive. Can eat.


It's been a while I didn't follow up Sweatlee's blog. Didn't know that she had already changed her url. Anyway, since I'm a little, I think I am able help her out with the header. She wants it to be photoshopped.


Looking through my nuffnang account. Apparantly somebody came to my site by searching 'haikou hainan boob massage'.

Hey I din't know I can find that in Hainan. I did have a short massage during my recent trip to China. Haha but not the one you searched for. =p


Last but not least, my faroutite! Megan Fox has new set of pics. It has actually been for some time but I googled for it again, to see if there are anyMORE interesting photos.


And that is from her latest movie called 'Jennifer's Body'. Go search it and you'll find MORE like I did.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Week

YUP, it is the submission week for most of the my subjects. People from other course are probably enjoying their time at home since it is study week now but we are still struggling in the campus. The things to be done by these days:

Tuesday: Alice in Wonderland powerpoint slides
Wednesday: Jahangir's STAADPro report
Thursday: English negotiation
Friday: Studio final assesment

I was informed that the STAADPro assignment due date has been postponed to the 4th November. But I have to finish it ASAP anyway cuz there will be measured drawing model to be submitted on that day also.

No time to eat? Haha. Don't worry, there is always Maggi.
This is not an advertorial pic

ps: I'm thinking of heading to TGI Friday this coming Friday. The Halloween party looks pretty interesting. Nyek nyek nyek...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I had a hard time searching pictures of me and Tiong together, except for these on Jean's blog. So I've cropped those above out. Those were taken during our first year when the whole campus went blackout. Maybe they wanted to celebrate with us or something.

It's been 22 years I survived on this planet. That's about one third to one quarter of my entire life journey. I really must do something beneficial already.
Eh, where cake?

ps: after Jahangir's test, I'll be heading for a movie straight away with my roommate. That is the plan. Please let me know if anyone wanna join k. =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

With the Power of Photoshop

YESTERDAY I was trying out some editing in photoshop. It turned out wonderfully amazing and funny. You will know the reason later. Haha

From time to time I have been following this photoshop tutorial blog by Rames . It looks nice and most importantly, easy to follow. Materials and files can be downloaded after each tutorial.

Since this girl from the Singapore Motorshow is on my desktop wallpaper, I use her to be my 'model'. Normally those stuff that we do inside photoshop are only based on our imagination and they DON'T normally come true.

Just like what I did here. You can now see that she's shorter than me. =p
This tutorial can be followed here.
Next, I found this lovely photo of my FuturArc group which we shot early this year.

The original pic

Jeng jeng jeng. With my photoshop skill, I:
help with some make up

you probably know what I'll be doing

This is what happen when you apply too much of powder 
with green eyeshadow and out-of-scale lipstick

Haha. See, Tiong has the nicest smile =)

Looks like some drama poster to me

Then I got another idea while adding the black-eyed thing. Here:

Sometimes when you crop a picture out, it gives another perspective and put the focus on elsewhere.

I like this ad. And it matches with the pic above

Ok lah. Enough I guess. Hope you guys learn something. Take care!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two More Balloons

FINALLY I can have a nice rest after yesterday’s open crit session. Our lecturer invited Ar Normal to be the panel and the presentation was done in his office. I did not manage to show up the sections and conceptual sheet but the rest of the drawings are killing me already.

On Friday I watched the sky turned dark and on the following I watched it turning bright again. I didn’t sleep at all just like some of them. This course IS making us become like zombies.

Even becoming a zombie is better, cuz I don’t have to use autocad or photoshop.

Here are some photos taken in Ar. Normal's office:
That's Choon Wah doing a V
And me presenting my work

As usual, many comments and feedbacks after the presentation. The panel said my art school looks like a shopping complex. Mr Ng added that the only thing left out is the balloons. -.-"
Trying to peek at our grades given but turned out blurry

The façade and one of the toilet space need to be reconsidered. With all that I’ve done, I just want to finish everything and faster let it come to an end. Seriously I do not have to mood to edit it again since holiday is coming. I can already hear to sleigh bell ringing. Haha.

I've also been told that I spent too much time doing my perspective rendering instead of looking at books and magazines for ideas. Yea I know my design looks basic and simple but that is what I want. But at least my hard work for the perspective did pay off. =)
The first perspective I did
The exterior view

The final submission and assesement is going to be on next Tuesday. We still got one more detailing drawing to do. Worse, there are measured drawing, history of modern architecture, structure assignments all to be submitted on next week itself. How la am I going to celebrate this Thursday?

* ~*~*~*~*~*~*

Today noon I went out with Choon Wah as well as Karen and Yee Wei. We had a last minute plan to Danga City Mall since all of us have never been there before. As the mall is newly opened, the place is still empty not all the shops are opened. But one thing I like is the free parking! The car park barrier is there just that it is not in service yet. The only entertainment we saw there was bowling and archery. The rest was just normal. Many boutiques and hair saloons I can say.

We went to the upper floor to search for food. To our disappointment, the food there is quite limited and there is no other restaurant except for the food court. Therefore we headed to Pelangi area later on and went to the pan mee shop Tiong brought me last time. He knows many places in town and can be the food directory for JB already.

Other than pan mee, we also ordered salad you tiao (油条) and Thai style taufu. For so long never tried tasty food. I am getting sick of Tmn U's food.

After coming back to our hostel, Choon Wah and I watched 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' which I copied from Ryan few weeks ago. Quite an entertaining movie about fairytale and goblins. Again for so long I never watched movies in the cinema. The last one was The Dark Knight. You can imagine how long already.

Talk about movies, I wanna catch Eagle Eye, House of Bunny and Mamma Mia! Anyone accompany?

Mamma Mia~ Here I go again~
My my~ How can I resist you~

Friday, October 17, 2008

Space-Time Continuum

[This is a scheduled post]

Time traveling has always been every man’s dream. That includes mine. Movies like Back to the Future, Time Machine, Austin Powers and Doraemon cartoon has this machine where we are able to travel to any time we want. Even without the travel machine, Hiro Nakamura (from Heroes) can just shut his eyes and then teleport to whenever, wherever he wish to.

That is the power I wish to have some day

With that, I could go back to the 70s to see how my parents went dating, or see how I look like when I was young, or I could go back to tell ‘myself’ what I should have done and what shouldn’t in the past.

Maybe I should have sign up for the other course instead of architecture. Not to say I don’t enjoy this course. Just that there is other thing which I found later that suits my interests more.

Maybe I should go back to remind ‘myself’ not to leave my K610i in the pocket before putting in the washing machine.

Maybe I should warn ‘myself’ not to get too close with someone before things turned out nasty, and instead pay more attention to someone else.

Or maybe I can buy 4D and then hit a lottery.

Somebody who can invent the time machine will earn big money I tell you. But the consequences is gonna be terrible I bet. Haha.

Sometimes I wonder if I have ever met my course mates before I came to UTM. I am sure at somewhere, some time there was a slight chance I got close contact with Hui San, Siew Wei or Lim back in KL.
Like the movie Turn Left, Turn Right 向左走,向右走

When I was visiting Steven’s place in Kuching about a year ago, there was quite a familiar feeling that I have been to that place before. His parents own a pottery warehouse which later I found out that during my primary six school trip to Kuching, we had been to the same place.

Maybe I ever did encounter with him or Jenny, ACY, David, Yee Wei, LCC when I was in Kuching 10 years ago. (Majority of my Chinese coursemates are from Sarawak)

So nice if there is a gadget saying that I ever came close to this person at certain place, certain time ago, blablabla. Maybe Tiong was born just next to me when his mum came to KL 22 years ago. Haha.

I like to see how things or people can eventually turn up together without knowing that they will actually meet up one day. Should I call it fate?

One day…one day…it will come.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Lurve

This morning while I was pumping the petrol at the station, something in the shop caught my attention. Looks like Twisties food brand has come out with something 'not so unhealthy' this time - multigrain chips. 

Hmm...sounds like some sort of wheat biscuits. The packaging looks colourful so I ended up RM5 poorer.

There are three flavours available and I bought two. The one I didn't get is the French Onion flavour. And I have yet to try any of them. Hopefully it tastes good! ;)

The M Factor

WOOHOO...Megan on Maxim cover! She's the same age as mine and look at her, so freaking hot!

I got this month's copy in one of Singapore's 7-Eleven.

Cannot tahan already. *Nose bleed*

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The New Samsung

HAVE you heard of Sumsung?

With less than RM500 you can get this iPhone-liked cellphone in China. It has almost all the functions just like any other cellphone nowadays. SMS, MMS, radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, WAP Browser, calender, alarm, games etc. The only thing left out is the 3G.

It also comes with a 2-megapixel camera at the back. And with flash light.
As the phone doesn't have any keypad to press on, all the typing and pressing are done on its touch screen LCD. You could use finger to tap on the menu and buttons but it comes to difficulties when typing an SMS. That is when a stylus come in handy.

However the most important of all, it has a dual SIM function which two SIM cards could be operated simultaneously without having to switch off and on in order to swap the network operator. This is pretty convenient if you have two girlfriends numbers.
There is also an internal card slot for micro SD card at the battery area to store up the personal songs, movies (.3GP format) and photos.
With its stylish look and the features available, I must say this Sumsung phone is worth for the price we pay.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Singapore Motor Show 2008

LAST Friday when I was still in Singapore, I took a chance to visit the motor show at the Suntec Convention Centre with my cousins. Also met up with Chiou Yann and her sis at the City Hall MRT before heading to the exhibition. A single entrance ticket costs S$8 with a complimentary Wall's Mini Cornetto. However this year's event is in a much smaller scale compared to the previous one. Car makers such as Mazda and Toyota weren't in the exhibition.

Here goes the photos:
Exhibition at Level 3

Shooting going on

Wee Nee and the F1 driver

Subaru occupied the largest area
Ride on the Nissan 350Z Roadster
They were motorcycles, bicycles and even buses

Art pieces from Australia being displayed and to be sold

A Nissan concept car, PIVO2
At the Nissan Technology Zone
Girls, camera and mirror never apart

Of course apart from the cars, the models grabbed to most attention from the visitors as well as the photographers.

Nissan girl
I've seen her during the last motor show
This girl asked us to help out with the questionnaires

Girl and Lamborghini
Subaru girls
Cute little girl from Nescafe

Some dancers
Cousin with a life-sized doll-liked model from Honda
And my favourite model of the day

Look at those looong legs
Can melt already
She has this smile I like

Just like the previous one, there was a stunt performance by Russ Swift. And this year he brought his son along. The admission was free of charge.

The guy in the banner is Russ Swift
Some moves were pretty much the same as the last two years

Some members of the audience got a chance to ride in the cars

Before the show started

That's all for now.