Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. CK

I was playing tennis with Chin Keng yesterday. It was a very last minute plan.
Introducing, Chin Keng

Ho Chin Keng, who came from Penang, is one of the youngest coursemate in our batch (He skipped STPM and took up matriculation instead). He always like to talk about girls and documentaries. Loves to sing and most importantly, he is currently still single! *wink*
Ball stucked

By the way, he has also just shaved his moustache yesterday which gave all of us a suprise. Compared to last time, he looks very much younger and 'cleaner' now. =p Before that he claimed that the mouthache would make him looked more mature.

See the difference?!
So what made him suddenly changed his mind?? I say that must be a girl. Haha.
While playing excitedly halfway through the game, I suddenly broke my racquet when trying to return the ball. No, I didn't hit very hard. There was already a small crack on the racquet when I brought it from home.
Luckily Hui San has two extra racquets. She got them from somewhere and has not try using it. So I asked her to lend me one and she too joined the game for awhile.
This is Miss Hui San
We ended the game at 7pm and gotta prepare for Malam Silaturahim after that. It would be a hip-hop theme for our batch and all of us had to dress up like one. And that, I will blog about it next time. I have to continue my studio work now.
Till then...

It Is Difficult Sometimes

I came across this in one of Melanie's posts and find it quite true. Well, you know, this can happen to a guy too.

I didn't understand why would a girl go for a guy who is already in a relationship/have a family. I finally understood because I realize human can't control their feelings. Even they know the guy is married, they (girls) still fall for the guy because of feelings. When they are in triangle love, eventually one of them will be hurt. The "one" will feel most of the pain. The "one" will have to bear with all the pain. Do you think the girl is stupid for making such decision? Of course, many people will say she should leave that guy... but do you think it's easy? Put yourself into her situation... maybe you will understand. I am not pointing at guys, don't get me wrong. It's just that I am a girl, I am looking at the girl's point of view.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Not Joking

WARNING! This fella is driving everybody crazy lately.

I seriously love that costume of his

...including myself.


Ladies and gentle man, I am now a joker fan! ~8-}

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's Play Ball

YESTERDAY I joined Chiou Yann and Han Chee for a morning exercise. Hui San couldn't make it as she quite tired already. I am a very lazy guy when come to sports especially but the studio and measured drawing works are giving me too much of headache so I needed a time to get rid all of it, even for just a few hours.

We planned to meet up at 8am at the K12 hostel since there is a tennis court there. Han Chee was already there when I arrived. That was the first time I felt that I did something healthy in UTM.
The court
Chiou Yann arrived
Getting ready

We did some warm up before started playing tennis. As there were only two racquets, Han Chee went for a jog when Chiou Yann and I was playing. And then we swapped. We are all noobs so there were no rules. As long the ball was hit and bounced. But of course there is a proper way to hold the racquet otherwise the arm will be pain after that. Tennis isn't like badminton.

Some shots taken:

ACY and me
Ah, I look so pro =p
Come, my ball

And some pose:
Support No. 28!
Sportwoman of the day
After an hour of game, we stopped for a break. Haha but after too much of rest we were too tired to continue anymore. Well, not too bad for a starting day already.
The girls
And as for breakfast, we headed to McDonald's. After some running and sweat, it felt so comfortable to dropped by there for a meal and it felt exactly like we were in East Coast after our bicycle ride in Singapore. Ahh, I miss Singapore.
Our breakfast
Bluek~! =p

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Component


2) Halfway

3) Little bit m o r e . . . .

4) Yay!!

5) A Food Storage

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

'What is Love?'

What a title . . .

Eating in Penang

IN Penang, what you can do other than sight seeing is to eat, eat and EAT! For the past 3 days in the island, I have been trying some local delicacies and it really made me high. I am now missing the food there already. Ahh~

However it is not every food in Penang that I have tried. As time was quite limited, I only ate around the place that I stayed – Chulia street. And the place alone has already got what Penang food is like. Next time if I have the time, I’ll stay for a week there and taste the food bit by bit from Gurney to Batu Feringgi, and Air Itam, Batu Maung straight to Balik Pulau. Hehe.

That is enjoyment.

Here I’m just gonna recommend a few places that I have tried:

Lebuh Chulia (Chualia St.)

Just a short walking distance from the guest house that I stayed, there are many stalls by the roadside that usually opens at 7pm up till midnight. During the weekends, this place is always full of people, like an eating haven.
The highlighted area

Wan Tan Mee

There are two stalls which sell the same thing but I suggest the one near to Lebuh Carnarvon junction where I usually eat. During my 3 days stay in the Banana Guest house, I ate 3 of its wan tan mee. I just couldn’t resist the mee with the black sauce and fried wanton. Motorcyclists could always been seen stopping by to order from it. There was even a customer who came to eat in her pyjamas. And talk about cheap, a plate of wan tan mee costs only RM2.40.
This is the hawker area
The wan tan mee stall

Char Kuey Tiao

There is a fried kuey tiao that Chin Keng and I enjoyed eating. The stall is located in a small alley next to the wan tan mee. The ah pek added a lot of chillies into the kuey tiao. If you can't take hot, please remind him on that. One plate of this char kuey tiao is RM2.50.

Lo Bak

Honestly, it was a mistake ordering this lo bak. It tastes just ok and it was quite cold already when we ate that. It was not crispy because I think the guy didn’t re-fry it when we ordered. The stall is just located outside the small alley, near to the fried kuey tiao. we paid RM6.20 for a two person share.

Lok Lok

Located at front of Lebuh Carnarvon (in the same area as well), this stall can be easily spotted with people standing around eating. Each stick of lok lok costs range from 30 to 80 cents.
Give it a try

Curry Mee
This famous stall is just right next to the wan tan mee. Many customers were seen waiting to order. The curry was simply delicious. Not too spicy. Served with tau fu pok, si ham and sotong, you may not wanna miss this, especially during a cool windy night. A bowl of curry mee costs only RM2.50.

(Cow) Milk

Choon Wah was looking for milk to drink and nicely there was an Indian stall which sells milk located just opposite the place we stayed. We gave it try and a glass of hot susu tarik is enough to fill the stomach. RM1.50 for a glass.

Susu tarik

Maize (Corn)

I bought this at the very last minute before boarding the bus which was about to leave. Added with butter and bit of salt, one stick of it costs RM1.60 and one cup is RM2.50. I took the former and kept it for the bus journey.

Lebuh Carnarvon (Carnarvon st.)

There is an old market building at the corner of the junction between Lebuh Carnarvon and Pesara Claimant street.

Soya Bean Milk and Bean Curd
Perhaps this is the cheapest tau foo far stall I ever came upon. One bowl of it only costs 60 cents. It was quite an average portion. And a glass of soya bean is 50 cents. You say cheap or not leh???

Cheap until take off your pants (便宜到拖裤子)

Jalan Penang (Penang Rd)

Penang Road is a long stretch of street beginning from KOMTAR until the Hotel Continental at the end, where all the clubs and pubs are located. At part of the street, you could still see the old tramline used during the older days.


At Lebuh Keng Kwee off Jalan Penang, (refer to map above) there are two stalls of cendol. One, is the famous one. And the other, well, the imitation one. The first time we arrived there we went to the wrong stall as it is the only stall there (cuz the famous one hasn’t open at that time).
The first stall we went
However on the next day, we managed to try the other stall at the opposite. There were many people standing surrounding the stall. Well, it tasted about the same for me but since it is so well-known, why don’t try it as we were already in Penang. A bowl of cendol costs RM1.60, same for both the stalls.
The famous one
Even Phua Chu Kang and Rosie has been there before.

Asam Laksa

Beside the cendol stall, there is an old shop selling laksa. The furniture inside the shop looks antiqued and it somehow brings out the old kopitiam feel. As we were already quite full, we ordered a bowl to be shared among us three. RM3 for one bowl.
Asam laksa here

Queensbay Mall
The shopping mall that we went during the last day of our trip. Just like any other malls, there are many restaurants and cafes inside it.

Just adding one more to the list. Nando’s Mild Peri-peri quarter chicken with two side plates.
And a free flow of soft drink at RM5.90
Bon Appetit! =)